Black Jumbo Caviar with Silver h/w or Light Beige Medium Caviar with Gold h/w?

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  1. Dear lovely ladies,

    I recently bought my first chanel: the amazing medium (226) matte black 2.55 reissue with gold hardware.

    I would love to own a timeless classic for my next chanel. (Because it is difficult for me to save up for chanel handbags, I tend to treat a purchase as if were my last one :P).

    My dilemma now is, should I go for
    (i) a workhorse type bag like a black jumbo caviar in silver hardware, or
    (ii) an elegant and dressier bag like the light beige medium caviar in gold hardware.

    The 226 size 2.55 is perfect for my needs, whereas the medium classic is on the smaller side. However, I already have the black reissue and I really like to have variety in my collection so I think the light beige with gold hardware would be a good option. The light beige would go well with my wardrobe. I’m not too keen to get the light beige in jumbo because I think the colour looks best with gold hardware and in medium size, plus I worry about colour transfer on such a light coloured bag. I think deep down I really want a jumbo, but am reluctant to get another black chanel. Furthermore, I have many workhorse LVs, so the chanel could be used for dressier occasions. But why not get a great everyday bag that can enter my bag rotation you know…

    Do you reckon it is worth getting the black jumbo caviar although I already have the black reissue. Are they different enough to be hypothetically the only 2 Chanels in my collection? (Lambskin is not an option for me)

    Life would be a bed of roses if I could get a dark grey jumbo (structured) caviar with silver hardware. Unfortunately I have heard that the grey jumbo caviar being released for s/s 09 would be the unstructured washed caviar, which is such a shame :shrugs:. Also, apparently my local boutique will not be bringing in the cruise navy jumbo caviar.

    I know that ultimately it would be my own choice, but I would really love to hear your opinions.

    Thanks so much in advance.
  2. I always say go for what you really love and it will work out. Have you done some calling to see if there are any of the older grey caviar jumbos? The beige jumbo is really not that difficult to keep clean unless you live in dark wash denim and if it is in rotation with other bags it makes a great addition to a collection. I also see no conflict in having the black jumbo and the black reissue since the sizes are different.
  3. I have both Jumbo Caviar and Black Matte 226. Since I used the Jumbo a lot I've never used reissue 226 since I bought it. I'm ready to let it go someday. Light beige would be totally different color and great for Spring and Summer.
  4. The way I see it is the advantage to the black caviar jumbo is you can wear it when you wear silver/whitegold jewelry/accessories and then you have the reissue from when you wear gold.

    That being said, the light beige caviar is quite different and may match better with certain outfits.

    I am sorry I am not much help! Either way your making a great addition.

  5. hmm I think due to you fab reissue in Black, I would go for a beige or maybe a dark grey?
  6. Black jumbo for sure
  7. I agree with have one with gold h/w, the jumbo would be great with silver, and its a purse that can go from day to night imo. The mediums are small and suited only for the evening, I think. The jumbo is a classic piece and you can wear it for lunches, shopping, and dinners! You already have the reissue for dressier occassions ;)
  8. Oh, I hadn't thought about calling around, thanks for the idea and thanks for responding!
  9. That's my worry as well big_gental_cat. Although I love the reissue, I can imagine the jumbo being so much more durable and would be a really great everyday bag. When I got the reissue, I thought if i could have only one chanel, i wanted one that could be easily used for day and night (i thought the jumbo was a big big for nights and events and it is certainly big on my frame as i'm only a teeny 5'2) and one that was bigger than the medium classic. Thanks for your input!
  10. Hi Chantal and ngoswami, yeah, the different hardwares would be a huge pro for getting the black jumbo! If I do end up getting the black jumbo, it would be for the reasons that you have pointed out. Thanks a bunch!
  11. Thanks for your input squeak. Also, I read your post and I'm sorry that you lost your chanel! I hope you will be able to replace it soon.
  12. Hi beljwl. I know you love your black jumbo with silver hardware :graucho: It certainly is a fab bag.
  13. I have the same reissue, and I prefer a vintage jumbo in silver hardware to be the second. Light beige's also on my list, which comes after jumbo, but probably a GST or east/west.
  14. to be honest, i used to have a few medium or EW flaps and realised it's a bit too small for my everyday use. Hence, i felt the jumbo or size 227 reissue is a better choice for me. If to decide, i will still vote for the jumbo caviar as it will never go wrong.
  15. Appreciate your inputs luvyrselfish and celia_hish, thanks :flowers:.

    I'm swaying for the black jumbo more and more to be honest. Even though I already have the black reissue, I can't get it out of my system :buttercup: I think the beige can wait. I'm going to have another closer look at the boutique tomorrow.