black jumbo caviar vs. coco cabas

  1. which one?!? yikes?

    And do you know if the boutiques still carry the coco cabas and for how much?
  2. Definitely get the jumbo now! The classics are the Chanel bags that are affected by the price increase, so there's no better time than now to get the Jumbo. It's already increased about 1k over the past year!

    Get the cabas later, but definitely get the jumbo flap now.
  3. I agree.. jumbo now and cabas soon..
  4. Jumbo Flap:yes:
  5. the baby cabas would cost $1995 and the jumbo caviar would cost $2250.
  6. Considering the price increase then you should get the jumbo first..

    However, I have both but personally carry the cabas more
  7. the cabas... i have both the original coco cabas and jumbo caviar, i use my cabas more!
    don't be tempted by getting a jumbo just because the price will increase...
    get the bag YOU WANT, don't because it'll going to me more expensive
  8. get the JUMBO! :tup:
  9. Get the jumbo before the price increase.
  10. jumbo caviar.... jumbo flaps are my fav Chanel style!
  11. Is the cabas going up?
  12. two totally different bags...and I agree with SEA. Get the bag YOU REALLY want, despite worrying about the increase. Personally though, i would go with the jumbo.
  13. ^^ ITA! Get the one that you really want.
  14. i'd go for the jumbo although i agree that you should go for the bag that you're going to wear/like more
  15. The cabas bags are almost impossible to get a hold of! You can't wait on getting a cabas. The ones available are reissues of the resort collection that was released in 07 as it is...and those are flying off the shelves still, even after the bags been out for over a year!