Black Jillian or Smooth Black Sienna?


If you could only choose one to keep, which one would it be?

  1. New, black Jillian

  2. Gently used, smooth black Sienna

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  1. Hi guys. Per Lexie's suggestion, I'm moving this here for discussion...

    I will soon have a brand new black Jillian and a gently used, smooth black Sienna. If you could only choose one, which bag would you keep and why?
  2. Sienna all the way...I just love the styling and really really wish I had one in black and not desert so I guess I'm biased but that's my vote!
  3. Oh I never knew this would be an either/or thing. How can you decide such a thing? I have both bags and it would be a hard decision but based on availability alone I'd have to choose the Sienna. I may always be able to get a hold of a Jillian (for a little while anyway) but the status of the Sienna has made it somewhat elusive. Oh But I love my Jillian too.

    Are you hesitant about your purchase? I thought you were dieing for a Sienna. The good thing is if you sell on eBay you always have a buyer looking. Some good pics and it sells itself. You saw the pics of My Black one? Well, in the auction I bought it from there were 3 very lousy grainy pics. All you need to do is show a close up of that distressed soft leather and you'll have bidders.
  4. Actually, I'm not hesitant at all about the Sienna...It's the Jillian I'm thinking of. Actually, it's not strictly an either/or thing, but it'll be better for my wallet if it were.

  5. Oh, if that's the case then you definately need to keep both...LOL
    Wait till you get the Jillian and decide but I bet you end up keeping both. Was there a Jillian available in Bourbon or Sand? That would have given you some variety.
  6. I only have the Sienna so I say Sienna all the way. But if at all possible keep both you can never have enough Koobas.
  7. Actually, I have the Jillian already. And I really wanted it in black. And I love it. I can't stop touching and smelling it. I was originally going to go for a tan/brown/cream Sienna, or maybe a Renee, but then I saw your and nunnla's (I think it was nunnla's) black one, and changed my mind. This forum is eeebil, I tell ya! :cursing: But I love it! :winkiss:
  8. I'd keep both. I think they'll be collector's items soon. :tup:
  9. Doggone it! It looks like I'll have to keep both...Maybe I'll ask my brother for an early birthday present. :tup: Thanks a lot for the input, girls! But maybe we can continue the discussion...
  10. I think that everyone needs One Sienna of their choice and then all the rest is just accessories...LOL But I bet there are people here who don't have a Sienna and never wanted one. Anyone want to confess?
    I have waffled before myself and sold my beloved Black Sienna thinking all I needed was my Metallic Army and I was so wrong. I had to go back out and re-buy one. Never make that mistake again.
  11. Decisions.....Decisions.....that black Jillian looks fabulous....great statement bag. On the other hand....that Sienna moves with you, right down to the soft crinkling sound of the leather.......I don't think I can help you. I love them both!
  12. Lexie, I will confess to not having a Sienna and not wanting one. They are nice bags, but I honestly do not see the fascination with them and am frankly tired of them LOL

    I would go Jillian all the way!!

  13. Boooo!!! Hisssss!!! LOL
    Oh well, we love you anyway. I admit I'd love to see Kooba come out with a New "Sienna"...They need a 2nd Big Hit. They can't ride on the Sienna's coat tails forever.
  14. I vote for the Sienna, though you couldn't go wrong with either.

    And I second Lexie's request that Kooba come up with another big hit! LOL. I'm really not lovin' their new fall line.
  15. If you love them both, keep them both.
    You don't have to make a decision, now - right?

    This is coming from a girl with 6 black bags so I'm not one to talk....