black jersey bubble quilt?

  1. OK, I was at the chanel boutique today and the first thing that caught my eye is a HUGE black bubble quilt flap done in jersey material. I talked to the chanel sa and she told me that chanel may have done some other bubble quilt flaps in black.:confused1: I thought the bubble quilt was only made in leather and was NOT made in the color black. Surprisingly enough she could not tell me for sure if chanel did or did not make more of the bubble quilt in black. Does anyone know? Does anyone have a bubble quilt in black? Or in jersey?:confused1: :s
  2. I have not seen a bubble quilt in black leather???, as far as I know it was never made in black leather, and the that a new bag for S/S 08?
  3. I have no idea!!!!:confused1: I could not believe what i was seeing! Bubble quilt in black? And to make things worse the sa confused me even m:shrugs:ore. Any ideas on who would know?
  4. Yes, I think it does come in Black jersey.

    It is on the photos of the 07/08 fall winter campaign. Look at the website, accessories section - fall/ winter 07 collection (I was looking at the english/ europe version of chanel website).

    Dont know about it coming in black leather though.

    I was looking at a small grey jersey bubble quilt flap bag last time I went into chanel. i thought it was gorgeous. I am hoping its still there tomorrow as I am going again - I am a woman obsessed!

    What do people think of the jersey bubble quilt bags? I think I really like them - but will they hold their value as much or are they too trendy to be classics?
  5. btw, how much was the large bubble quilt in black jersey?
    The small grey flap bag was £755 - I would be interested to know if the larger bags cost a lot more?
  6. i don't remember the price. I remember it was quite large though. I was in shock to see a black bubble. It had been drilled into my head that it was never made in black, or black leather at least. It was a very unique bag and pretty smooshy but still would hold its shape i think. It looked very nice with the muted gold hardware!:drool::girlsigh:
  7. I saw jersey black bubble quilt flap and pouchette with muted gold hardware at Bloomie SCP couple months ago. The pouchette is about 895.
  8. Oh, I saw this bag earlier at my local NM. The big black jersey bubble flap. It was HUGE. I didn't look at the price though because it was in the case.
  9. I went to Harrods on the weekend and they have just got this bag in. They had black and a grey, absolutely stunning, me want one ALOT ;)
  10. Thats The Bag I Want!!! But the question is does it hold up?
    I want it but if its going to damage quickly and I have to be gentle with it than its not worth it. I have the green bq. How does Chanel jersey hold up? Esp in that design?
  11. Hi everyone :biggrin:

    I just bought the Black Jersey Bubble Quilt today :biggrin: It is my first chanel :biggrin: Today was the first time I saw it and I fell for it :biggrin:
    I got the Big size - size wise it is bigger then a Jumbo classic flap but smaller than a GST.

    It holds up pretty well, I'm on holiday at the moment In Bangkok :biggrin: but In a week or so Ill put pictures up :biggrin:

    I was also worried about pilling on the jersey, I think it should be okay but i don't know yet the bag is still packed away! I think i would use it more than a jumbo (which I wanted to get) because its like casual but classy at the same time.

    Today at the store I saw the Large Grey version which is GORGEOUS! and I also saw the small jersey bag in a coral kind of colour which was sooo adorable! :biggrin:

    Price wise my Large Bubble Quilt Jersey bag was 95,200 baht