Black Jenah Pouch

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  1. Have anybody seen the Black Jenah Pouch in real? How does it look like?
    I was really wanting that bag, since I need (or more correct WANT) a bag that is a bit more glam than my other bags. But looking at the dimensions, I see that it is only a bit bigger than my Zinia, so I wonder if it will be silly to get it.
    I also wonder how long the strap is, I was hoping it to be a bit more than “tight on the shoulder”
    The alternative is the Ava with chain, metallic crocodile print, but that is “only” a party bag I feel.
    And I wanted something a bit bigger. :confused1:
  2. Bumping this somewhat old thread as the sale is almost here and I have my heart set on a Jenah pouch in black.
    (Lillan, if you're there, I think I have the same Poppy as you. What a fab bag).
    Can someone who has seen the Jenah pouch IRL tell me if it's lined?
    TIA, ClaireL :biggrin:
  3. I nearly bought one in Fenwicks the other day in turquoise - it was half price :yahoo:

    The shoulder strap is nice & long and it sat comfortably on my shoulder.

    My problems with it were:
    a) the strap isn't leather. For some reason, I assumed it would be leather running through the chain and it was fabric. In the turquoise, I thought it would get really dirty, but it might be alright in black. In addition, though, in the display model, the fabric had come loose - I don't think the strap is particularly robust.

    b) the screws under the buckle cut my finger :wtf: I noticed that there were loads of scratches under the flap of the store model so I asked the SA to find me another one. Whilst she was off searching, I had a good inspection of the bag. The screws keeping the buckle in place weren't smooth - they were sharp & rough. They'd scratched the bag and whilst I ran my finger over them, cut my finger. The "brand new in box" model that the SA produced was exactly the same. It could just be the turq ones, but it's definitely something I'd be looking out for. There was no way I could buy this bag, I'm afraid.

    ETA, yes, I'm sure it's lined.
  4. Hello Ditab.

    Oh dear - I'm very sorry to hear the Jenah pouch just isn't up to scratch. What a shame. It seems Mulberry's quality has declined somewhat in recent years, based on what I've read on this forum.

    If it didn't excite you enough to buy it, I think I'll give it a miss too. I really did want it as it's been featured widely in magazines and looks a cute size. But I'll have to rethink. Perhaps a crimson spazz e/w Bays would be better? Or even a Bays clutch? Or something else entirely??? Suggestions welcome, girls.
  5. Hi Claire, I have not seen the jenah IRL but i have to say the bays clutch is gorgeous. Seen one in lipstick and black in HoF the other day and I was soooo tempted. I am still thinking about it. Very classy. I wouldn't mind but I am so not a clutch person. I'm a stay at home mum so I go no where to need a clutch. Maybe I should get DH to read this .
  6. Hi cmaec,
    I'm glad you think the Bays clutch is gorgeous. I'm starting to lust after the cracked black leather and antiqued black leather versions. Do you think cracked leather is robust or fragile?
    Both seem to be sold out on the US sale so I really hope they have some in for the UK sale. Otherwise :cry:
  7. Claire, I possibly wouldn't have been quite so blunt to a UK poster but given that it would cost you a lot to return it, I didn't want you to make a mistake :nogood:

    I'm not convinced on the whole quality going downhill thing. I mean, we've heard of a few cases on here where bags have developed faults. But when you think about how many bags we all have, perhaps that's to be expected? :thinking: And there is usually a very good resolution from Mulberry which is certainly better than I've heard from, for example, Chloe or Balenciaga.

    The Bays clutch is stunning - but it's huge. Make sure you're happy with the measurements of it - it does appear to make quite a nice shoulder bag, though.

    I'm loving the Ava at the moment :heart: My friend has a cracked black Ava and she isn't concerned about the leather being fragile. Also, an evening bag isn't subjected to the same treatment as a day bag so perhaps it's ok if the bag is a bit more delicate?
  8. I had bought the cracked black bays in HoF the other day and had to return it. One of the pockets was not fully sown. The SA reckons that the cracked leather is not as well wearing as some of the other leathers. According to the care card you can expect wear on the corners and handles and this is to be expected.:weird: I think it is meant for people who like shabby chic. I am not one of these people . I am quite fussy and like things just so. Having said all that it was gorgeous and very popular. I could have waited for the one I had bought to be repaired ( it was the last one) But I decided to change it for the calf hair bays.
    Sorry to rant on.
  9. Thanks for being so considerate ditab :smile:
    I'm also pleased to hear you say that about quality, seeing as half of my collection is from recent years. I for one have had absolutely zero quality issues in new bags. The inking is a bit flawed in my Blenheim but as it's secondhand I'll hardly complain.
    You make a good point - if you look at it by numbers, probably a very small percentage of posts here complain of flaws.
    Having consulted the measurements, the Bays clutch IS huge. However, for use as a day bag with the shoulder strap, I think it will be just fine.
    Thank you for being my personal bag consultant. That goes for all the TPF Mulberry girls, really.
  10. Thanks for the insight cmaec. Perhaps if I go for the Bays clutch I'll opt for antiqued leather instead. I love antiqued leather - my Mabel is just great. Even though it tends to scratch, it really adds to the appearance.
    I know what you mean about wanting things just so, but antiqued leather really works for me.
  11. The antiqued leather bays clutch was in HoF and it is to die for. Good luck if you go for it. A very versatile bag.
  12. Yes, I agree with cmaec about the Bays clutch in the cracked leather. As it's a slouchy bag, it might not wear all that well. I'm less concerned about the Ava as it's more structured.
  13. ^^Ooooh the oversized Ava rocks!!!!
    I am going mental with this sale and it hasn't even officially started yet!