black jeans?? help!!

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  1. can anyone reccomend a good pair of black jeans, all of a sudden i want a pair? i don't like skinny style, but they don't have to be flair. bootcut is best. thanks in advance!
  2. maybe the J brand 16 or 18" in black? i think they should have these on revolve or so?
  3. Straight-leg jeans are nice too. I like Hudsons and the 14" J-Brand cigarette legs. All of my black jeans are skinny, basically leggings though!
  4. I just bought a pair of pitch black J Brand 14" skinnies. The black color is PERFECT, absolutely no discoloration. If you dont' like skinnies, you can definitely check out their 16" jeans.
  5. another vote for j brand! i have the 10inch skinnies and they are wonderful!!! But I also recommend 7FAM Roxanne skinny jeans too.
  6. black jeans from paige = MY FAVE
    they fit REALLY nicely

  7. go with true religion, I have a few black pairs from them and they are so cute.
  8. j brand has the nicest black/jet color for jeans. i had mine in 12". it's still nice even tho i wear it almost everyday ;)