black j12?

  1. Does anyone own a black J12 (w/or w/o diamonds)? If so, can you please post pics of it? I've looked through the threads and I can only find pictures of white ones, so sorry if this is a duplicate request. The Chanel ADs near me will order one (if I prepay--*sigh*), and I can't decide whether to get black or white for my SIL.

    Thank you very much!
  2. black j12 with diamond markers ;)

    there's probably othes posted in the chanel forum.

  3. thank you!
  4. I love that watch ....the black is so striking! That is an amazing gift to give to your SIL!
  5. it's so gorgeous!!!! :drool:
  6. I tried the black and the white on yesterday at Saks. I just can't decide--I personally like the white, but the black is a little edgier. The black looks even better IRL then in the pics.
  7. i think the black may be better for year round use, because many people do not like to wear the white in the winter, although black is more acceptable all year round. of course if you live somewhere its always warm, then maybe the white is better!
    personally, i vote for black ;)
  8. I just got the exact watch pictured for Christmas. I love the black!! The black with ruby markers is also great. My friend has the white with a full diamond bezel. It's gorgeous but so flashy, I'm happy with mine!! Saks will get one for you if they don't have one in stock (you don't have to prepay). Jomashop is a good source. My dh actually got mine on eBay for a super value. It came with receipt, all paper work, extra links ect. He's a little braver than most, I know.
  9. love the black!! I would go for that!
  10. Looooooooooooove the j12. But have to say, I would personally get white. It is all a matter of personal taste, of course. You can't go wrong with either color, quite frankly!
  11. ^I agree. I personally prefer the white, as it looks better with my tan skin than the black did. Either way, a J12 is a J12. Both colors are stunning!
  12. My DH bought me a 38mm white J12 with diamond markers for christmas & I love it! He bought it at London Jewelers, and when we went in to have links removed I asked the SA which is more popular - he said that it was hands down the white. This store is a high end jeweler in NY.
  13. My vote's for the black :p