Black J12 anyone???

  1. Okay, I've decided I want to get the black J12 for this EGC event but I haven't really tried it on yet and dont know how it will look on me, although I have the 38mm white J12 which looks fabulous, dont know if the black one will be as well. So I asked if anyone out there has modeling pix of their black J12 and post it, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. Here is my 33mm w/diamond markers.
    Black J12 004.jpg Black J12 tPF 001.jpg
  3. Just wondering ... the 38mm ones ... are they for bigger wrists. Or is it just a fashion statement to have an over sized watch on your wrist?
  4. Good question!! I think it depends on your personal style...Hehe~I have small wrists, and I love big watches!! Especially with J12, they are sooo hot in bigger size:heart:!!!

  5. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  6. I was planning on calling Cory's SA Nancy to secure my watch for the EGC event. But after what you said I think this calls for another trip to Saks to try the 38 one just to be sure I know which one I like.
  7. I have the white J12 too and just tried on the black one while in SF. I didn't think I would like it but it is GORGEOUS!!! I really liked the black with the diamond bezel! Where is my money tree?
  8. i love the black ceramic with the ruby markers. totally HOT!!!!!
  9. Stunning.
    LOVE the black.
  10. I'm saving for a black J12. I hope the prices don't go up in Sept. I will most likely get the diamond markers, and add the diamond bezel later. I was told that if you purchase from Saks they could always add the bezel on at a later date. Can you tell I love BLING!
  11. ITA!!! I tried on the black with diamond bezel too, and totally loved it!!!!!!! The diamonds stand out so much more with the black ceremic band:heart:;);) Hehe~i've decided it'll be my 30th bday present (still many years to go though:roflmfao:)!!!
  12. Thanks so much for the pix, it looks so gorgeous, can't wait to get my black one. :yahoo::yahoo:

  13. I've been wanting a J12 in white. Is it low maintenance? Doesn't it get easily broken since it is ceramic? DH's been discouraging me to buy this :sad:
  14. I went to Saks today to try one the 38mm ... and let me tell you ... it is HUGE .... The face alone is wider than my wrist. I'm going to have to stick by the 33mm ....
  15. omg, I love my white J12 with diamond markers. To me it is low maintenance, as all I have to do is wipe it with a jewelry cloth at the end of each use, but thats just because I'm harsh with it throughout the day. And it doesn't scratch or break easily IMO, I've pretty much banged this watch on every surface, still looks like new. Well good luck with whatever you decide.