Black is the New, does anyone have

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  1. any IRL pics of this one? I just ordered the last one from the MHB sale in blueberry w/ blue trim. It will be my first Tano. Please tell me I made a good choice! By the way, Hi!
  2. WHAT?!!! You took the last one??!!! (Just kidding! Welcome to the Tano subforum!):smile:

    I don't recall anyone posting that bag here but I think it is a cute messenger (it would be my pick if I were looking for a messenger). The blueberry color is a pretty blue and the bag itself looks very functional. Looks like you are going to give us one of the first reviews of the bag! Also you've ordered from MHB who has a great return policy should you test drive the bag and find out it is not "you".
  3. Thank you for putting me out of my misery. I have been talking myself out of that bag all week. I can't wait to see yours!
  4. Welcome! I hope you like it. It looks like a great bag! The blueberry color is beautiful.
  5. :lol: Sounds like me w/ the one Never Take It Off MHB has up right now!

    Orick...can't wait to see your pics and hear what you think of the bag!
  6. YAY!!!! Welcome and congrats on your new bag, can't wait to see it!
  7. Note to Voodoo - I got a sapphire Never Take if Off for Christmas - it was the closest I have come to sending one back. Not because it isn't a cool bag - it is just WAAAAYYY bigger than I had thought it would be. In comparison - it is about the size of the La Vie en Rose. I wish I had time to take a picture next to the boogie and the biker babe. By my tapemeasure - about 16" tall and 19" across. I kept it (of course - it is a whole lot of lovely velvet blue leather) to use as a tote - very nice tote, but won't be using as a purse. The price at MHB is great -
  8. to get it. I will try to remember to post pics.
  9. i got that bag a few weeks ago and love it. lots of pockets. i've finally figured out i'm a messenger bag type of girl and this one fits the bill. sorry, taking photos is on my to-do
    list (if it makes you feel better i hardly take pictures of my kids either:P)
  10. cookiecat, is it strictl crossbody? I read the strap is adjustable, but I don't know that it can be shortened enough to be a shoulder bag as well.
  11. ^^no, i wouldn't say it is strictly cross-bodied. i usually throw it on over one shoulder.
    i really like all the pockets so i can separate all my stuff. i will try to post some pictures if i can figure out how. now that i've said it, it will make me do it!
  12. Yaay! I can't wait to see!
  13. Bike Chick - would you be able to post any pics of the "Never Take It Off"? I want to see it IRL. I was think about getting this as a school bag. Would it be worth it?
  14. OOOOOO I'd love to see pics!
  15. I got my Black is the New the other day, I haven't taken pics yet, but I will do it tonight and try to post them tomorrow. I have to say, I am sooo in love with this bag!! I made the perfect choice. The blueberry color is beautiful :yahoo:It is so comfy and convenient, I love all the pockets. The size is perfect and it holds so much without looking bulky. A Tano obsession is born!