Black is back

  1. I enjoy black! Although I always like whatever color is proposed as the "new black" too, like brown. Anyway, I just bought a black prada bag, so I'm glad to see it will be up to date:smile:
  2. Yay! My closet will finally be in fashion since almost everything in it is black! :yahoo:
  3. I would wear black constantly if I didn´t have three long haired cats :biggrin:
  4. I tend to wear a lot of black too so this is all good news!!:smile:
  5. I Love Black!
  6. I wasn't aware black ever left?.... ;)
  7. Black is 100% amazing

    I guess i wear at least an item of black everyday. It makes up the majority of my wardrobe!!
  8. It never went out for me. I love black.
  9. I hear you on that!! In addition to my short haired orange guy, I have two multi-colored long-hair maine coon cats -- no dark colors are really safe around here:P
  10. me neither. as evidenced by my ridiculous collection of fitted black Tshirts. :supacool:
  11. I love black. I have so many clothes in black mostly shirts/tops but I can still never have enough black.
  12. It's not black is back. Black has been always in. It's also the favorite color for all designers from Miucci Prada to Dolce & Gabbana. Designers love to play up with black fabrics.
  13. Ditto!!! I'd be sunk without any black in my wardobe.
  14. thank goodness! I'll look thinner again!