Black ink apocalypse in DA Neverfull. Help!

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  1. Hi all,

    After years of owning Louis Vuitton bags I have kept them nice. I bought my DA Neverfull last September and last week very stupidly left a ballpoint pen inside it while shopping.
    To my horror the pen had leaked from the top all over the cream interior of my bag!
    I tried Vanish carpet stain mousse which made the ink run to produce pink and blue stains. Then I tried Stain Devil ink remover which added to the mess by making a purple dye which spread to other parts of the inside.
    I am now at my wit's end and do not want to try anything else for fear of making it worse. I should have just left it!
    But has anyone else experienced this horror? And if so, did you manage to remove the ink or make it fade?
    The outside of the bag is fine except for a bit of blue on the stitching.
    I am in the UK but may be able to get US products through the Internet. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460906622.311220.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460906639.595642.jpg
  2. If I were never to sell it, I'd use a cup of non chlorine bleach and borax mix and brush til it lightens up and not worry much about if it leaves a slight stain

    If selling it, I'd suck up the cost and let LV replace the lining
  3. I suggest you take the bag to a store and ask for a quote to get a new lining. It will come back looking like new!
  4. Thanks! I will!
  5. This. I could not live with that! I had a huge black spot on the inside of my Calvi. I didn't know what it was or how it got there. I was finally able to get most of it out with Shout Wipes. But I don't think it was ink. Ink, in my experience does not come out. I bet you would be surprised at how reasonable it is to have a replacement lining put in.
  6. If it is too much to get a new lining put in your could invest in a purse insert. I would probably replace the lining myself. So sorry that happened - OUCH!
  7. If LV can replace the lining I will have it done. This was a birthday bag and is special. I'm so gutted as I am usually really careful and have never had such a bad ink spill in my life! Thanks for all your replies. I feel better already.
  8. You could try hairspray. I had good luck with ink on clothes that got washed with a pen. It took a while but the pen came out and no discoloration on the clothes. Not sure if hairspray would do anything to the canvas though.
  9. Lining replacement is about the only way to go since pen ink just doesn't wash out. Sorry to hear that this happened to you OP but keep your chin up since it can be fixed.
  10. Lining replacement for sure, she will be as good as new!
  11. Oh no!!

    The lining replacement sounds like a good plan.
  12. That's honestly why I do not carry pens in my bags. If I do, I put them inside a cheap accessories bag... I'm so sorry this happened.

    I agree and would just have the lining replaced. But you may want to wait and if you decide one day to replace the leather you can do all of it at once! Although it won't be cheap.
  13. +1. It's worth it, I think.
  14. I'm sorry this happened. I know it's stressful. But just try to keep in perspective that it's a bag and can be fixed with money. I once had a total freak out because my cat peed on a brand new YSL bag that I was getting ready to send to my mom as a birthday present. I ended up having to buy another new bag to replace I feel your pain. Take it in, get the lining replaced and try to forget about it and enjoy your bag :smile:. Just a tip -- I purchased a small pilot space pen from Amazon that I keep in a cosmetic bag in my purse. It is very compact and supposedly leak proof and I have the extra shield of the cosmetic bag. If I need to carry a writing instrument I need to get to quickly, I keep a mechanical pencil in one of the slip pockets. Good luck!
  15. Have you tried Nail Polish Remover? I'd try that gently with a Q-tip. Just be careful not to saturate the area and leak to the outside of the bag.
    I wouldn't replace the lining unless you plan to sell the bag. Try to get it out and if it won't work, chalk it up to lesson learned. Get a cute bag organizer and forget about it.
    These bags are meant to be used and accidents happen.
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