Black inclusion with multi color stones...

  1. Wow..I don't remember when the last time I started a thread..

    Yesterday when I picked up my Amarante bracelet, my SA told me that Black inclusion is coming back and it's even better because it will have multi color stones like the clear one :yahoo:

    If it is true..don't pay a fortune for the older version Black one now..just wait...

    I hope it's true because I missed out on Black and refuse to pay outrages price from eBay..

    Or is it old news ??? if it is.. pls forgive me..I've been so out of the loop..
  2. Wow, that sound great! Can't wait!
  3. OMG.. that'd be awesome. I really regret not picking up a black inclusion when they were out.. luckily I get a second chance. :graucho:
  4. That would be amazing!!!
  5. thanks for letting us know. that would be awsome!
  6. OOOHH, I hope this is true! I'd love to get one of these.
  7. wow I might get my first inclusion piece
    black w/mc stones sounds great
  8. bagsnbags, that would be amazing! I am hoping you are right!
  9. That would be awesome!!! Funny my sa just saw me with my gm clear inclusion and we started talking about the inclusion peices , I told her I just bought alot of older peices from eBay and she said she was dying to find the black inclusion, if I see one could I tell her.. ect. LOL . I hope your SA is correct.
  10. Oh I hope your right bags!! I would love to get a black one!
  11. Oooh that sounds really pretty!
  12. sounds lovely, I will watch out for them.
  13. I called 866 about this the other day and they said it's a rumor.....of course, they don't always have their info right!!
  14. OMG! this is so weird...I just called 866LV to see if there's any black inclusion bracelet left in the world. Of course, they said it's long gone. But if a new version is coming out, I can't wait!!! I may just end up gettting the Amarante one cuz it's the closest shade to black.
  15. ohhh. i just won the auction for a black pm....but i didnt pay more than $50 over thats find with me.

    ooooo i cant wait!