Black Inclusion Speedy Keychain to be AXED!

  1. So, after going to the LV store on 5th the other day, I forgot to post that the SA there told me that the Black ( and I guess the Beige (?)) will be NO LONGER AVAILABLE SOON?!

    I was like :wtf:

    She had like a million Beige's Speedy Inclusion Keychains, but she told me that the Black was theeeeeeee ** HOT ** keychain and they were all sold out :crybaby:

    Anywho, for all you Inclusion fans ( I don't know if there's a clubhouse for you guys just yet, lol ) get'em fast and soon, 'cuz they're running out! :supacool:
  2. Thank god my black inclusion keychain is coming to me next week. :wlae:
  3. Yeah, I gotta get one ASAP before it's too late.

    It's always right at the moment that you like something, they just seem to always have the knack for removing it from sale! :sad:
  4. its not being axed, its just being retired...just like the pink and yellow inclusion pieces...the black and beige are no longer in production because berry and white are coming out.
  5. Well, axed implies that yeah, we won't be seeing them for a while, so effectively, yeah....axed :flowers:

    (I knew about the colour changes, but I prefer the Black one! :tender: )
  6. Does anyone have a pic of this?:flowers:
  7. I just bought a black one. Woo, right in the nick of time. I wish the SAs were more knowledgeable about when the new colors of the inclusion pieces are being revealed for us to buy!
  8. Yes it's not anymore produced, the berry and the white are the new colors.
  9. Yay, finally.
    I saw the beige one at the Fashion Valley store yesterday.