Black Inclusion Pieces Still Alive?

  1. Hi! In order to complete my gradient of Inclusion PM bracelets - I need a Black Inclusion PM! I know it was a good while ago since they've been out and about...but does anyone know if there still might be any floating around or the chances of finding a PM anywhere?

    I knew I should have gotten it when it was out and stuff, but I just went recently Inclusion crazy cause I'm gonna be doing an arm gradient of white-pinks-darks. It's gonna go on my arm like: Clear, Framboise, Pomme D'Amour, (Amarante when it comes), and Black. (don't like nor want the Beige)

    I got my Clear PM today and my Framboise and Pomme are ordered and coming to me next week. I got my Pomme D'amour Ring 56 today though! so, yay! But bascially all Im missing is the Black PM bracelet. MUST FIND IT. Any info would be so appreciated, although i fret it's gonna be near impossible, lol. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Will take pics next week when everything arrives (alll my new stuff together plus the additional bubble jewelry that's being sent w/ the inclusions!!!) :yes:
  2. I haven't seen any in stores...but good luck to you Gayle!

    I got a clear Inclusion GM last night :graucho: Still waiting for the Pomme PM & GM :yahoo:
  3. Yeah they don't have them in stores as much..sometimes there are a couple pieces randomly on elux so just keep checking there.
    And grr, Lulu, I'm like you...I'm still waiting for my small Pomme one! I tried on the medium and it slipped around my wrist too much. They also didn't have my size in the :sad:
    I'm hoping they'll get them in this week..
  4. Thanks Lulu and Lvbabydoll!! yeah, calling around was so such luck so I'll keep on it with elux checking. Hope you get your ring soon Lvbabydoll!

    Congrats on the Clear and the upcoming pomme's lulu!!

  5. congrats on the transparent inclusion!
    i hope you find the black inclusion! i wanted it soo bad, but nobody had a i settled for beige.
  6. No problem :smile:
    And thanks, I'm hoping I get my bracelet, ring and Speedy keyring this week lol.
  7. Good luck on your search. I'm sure it'll pop up somewhere somehow.
  8. aww, thanks breakfast lover <---see, I made you yellow, like breakfast eggs, hehe.

    oh, and the speedy keyring in pomme is SO cute IRL. thinking of getting it for my cerise speedy :yes: this color is causing a frenzy, i swear! lol~
  9. Just want to wish you good luck in your search:yes:
  10. Good luck on your search! :search:
  11. Check e-bay as well...
  12. thanks nyhockeymom91 and John !
  13. i'm usually such a spaz with eBay searches (getting better), but yeah, i already did - and nada! lol
  14. There was a black gm on there last week. I'd love to find a black pm too!
  15. I think you'll have to resort to eBay.