Black Inclusion Bracelet

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  1. So I've been wanting these bracelets since they first came out, but they never came to my boring city (Columbus). I'd been on the waitlist since a month past forever, and I got tired of waiting.

    So I called 866-VUITTON and ordered them. They were great, and even ordered them for me from Saks (NYC) in case I had to return them, since I shop at Saks-Polaris. Anyways, on to the pictures...
    *if you're on LJ, you've probably already seen these pics!*




  2. very very cute......i'd bought one in pink when they had them way back when but ended up returning it but i do think it's an absolutely gorgeous bracelet and so much fun
  3. Aww... it's cute! How much?
  4. Is it just one? Or do they come in a set of 2?
  5. Wow, that's a gorgeous bracelet, congratulations.
  6. Congrats! I love bangles - you will be able to wear that forever.
  7. Ohh, can we see it on your wrist! How much did it cost, if you don't mind my asking?
  8. Very pretty!!!
  9. I think the PM size retailed for 230$, am I right ?

    It's gorgeous by the way ! ;)
  10. I'm not the original poster...but it's just one.
  11. Butterfly, I was just in the Columbus Saks the other day and they do have these.

    Aren't they gorgeous?!
  12. are you serious?! I'm so angry that they did NOT call me...this is the first time that they haven't done this, I'm SO MAD!!!

    But I love the bracelet, even if I did have to order it from NY, I ordered it Monday am, and here it is Thursday, and they said 5-7 days, so I can't complain!
  13. Cute :biggrin:
  14. Yep, it was $230.


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  15. i adore the inclusion bracelets! i hadn't seen them until recently and now i really want them...