Black inclusion bracelet at the vuitton website!

  1. Thanks!!!!
  2. I can't wait for the grey either!!!:love:

    I thought the new black one was going to have colored stones -- the one on the LV site looks like it has the bronze, clear, etc stones in it..hmm :wondering
  3. I think it is the old black inclusion.
  4. yeah i think its the old black too. theres no animation for it and i know they never took the old one down off that site.
  5. awwwww....
    I wanna see the NEW ones,
    esp. the GREY !!
  6. I want to see the new black! I can't wait! I am going to get my Mom the speedy keychain and I want a barrette!!!!!
  7. I think it's the old one too. Darn!
  8. It is definitely the old one. That black inclusion bracelet pic has been up for for awhile now.
  9. I didn't like the Inclusion pieces that much, but when I saw the grey bangle I was in lvoe :heart:
    Can't wait to see that one irl...