Black in the spring/summer??

  1. I dont typically like to carry a black or even brown bag in the spring or summer but I have a black leather soho satchel that I have never used yet and I have really been wanting to use it so I am curious.... does anyone here carry a black (or brown) bag during the spring/summer months?? (Or is that just totally taboo??)
  2. i do brown occassionaly, but i try to stick to the lighter colors.
  3. I do black/brown all year round. If you wear brown with something light, there's no problem. Even as far as black...if you're wearing a light colored shirt it looks absolutely fine.
  4. I wear black bags, including leather, ALL YEAR. It's the only color (if you can call it a color) that I ever wear. I pair it up black sandals and I don't ever feel like it's out of season for summer.
  5. I carry black bags year round too!! I love black handbags.
  6. Yay for all of us who love black bags!! :woohoo:
  7. I carry black at night in the Summer, or if I'm going out and am getting all prettified or dressy, or if I'm wearing black or a business suit. :jammin:
  8. I carry black and brown bags year around. I try to have color in my outfit, or as was suggested to me, tie a scarf to your bag for color.
  9. I think black and brown are neutrals that can be worn year-round.
  10. I carry both black and brown bags all year round. I just wear lighter colored tops.
  11. i do black year round - i have lots of black clothing that I wear year round (just more summery fabrics)
    I don't know about brown -- maybe if it's paired with a summery outfit (like a light turquoise.. love turquoise and brown) .. or with a summery scarf tied to it..
  12. definately a great point about the business suit!
  13. You know, I wear black a lot. Even in the summer. Its just my 'thing'. LOL. So I used to ALWAYS carry black handbags in the summer. I didnt care what anyone thought or said. LOL

    However, I now have a super nice WHITE and BROWN Coach that I use in the summer.

    I never thought I would carry either. But Coach sold me :smile: I actually want a couple more in white and brown, but saving my $$ for that!

    With all that said, I will still use black in the summer. Just depends on what im wearing, where Im going, Etc.
  14. I carry black year round.
  15. Ocassionally black, but I mainly stick to brighter colors during the summer.