Black Horsebit Hobo

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  1. I can't find any pictures of it.
    If anyone has pictures wearing them or just by itself, please post! Thanks much!
  2. That looks brown, but thanks!
  3. dont worry its def black, i have it and love it
  4. Very cute bag!!!
  5. are you planning on buying it?
  6. It's really cute, are you planning on buying it. If so I really love it.
  7. I've been itching for a Gucci for the longest since my last 2 purchases has been Louis.
    This purse seems way too big for tiny me, but it's so cute!!
    & It wouldn't get so dirty if it's in black!
  8. this bag also comes in a medium size
  9. Oooh I love that bag!! great choice
  10. I have a medium cognac horsebit hobo and I'm 5'0." I think that the size on the medium is fine on me, but the large would be way too big.
  11. i think the large sized horsebit it just really really big for a petite frame like Jessica simpson but..hey, she pulled it off didn't she? but for normal use, i think a medium sized one would really be flattering
  12. I have the medium, but I also want a large one, I think the medium and large have such a different look!
  13. This is a nice bag; however, the horsebit makes it pretty heavy.
  14. LOVE this bag..I have the medium in Chocolate guccissima.....Def worth the $$$....go for it!!