black hobo with gold "coin-like" tag on shoulder strap

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  1. I recently saw a woman on the street with the most gorgeous black was obviously a high-end designer, but I couldn't get close enough to see or ask her...there was a gold coin like tag on the shoulder strap, and gold hardware. Does anyone know who the designer could be?
  2. Just to get a bit more specific... from what you could tell, was it a plain black leather hobo? No buckles or anything?
  3. Gucci has the hysteria line that has large gold looking coins near the shoulder strap. Maybe you can check it out.
  4. Here's the Hysteria for quick reference:
  5. lanvin bags have "coins" like this...

  6. Thank you both, but it wasn't either the Lanvin or the Gucci. From what I could tell, it was a black leather, with a gold like coin laying flat against the shoulder strap...the hardware was gold as well. It reminded me of the Gucci hobo, but it wasn't. The tag sort of looked like the Dooney & Bourke tags, only it was laying flat against the strap, not dangling. The strap was fairly wide, and looked like it was braided flat, but it was really from a distance. The woman was wearing a black suit, which made it a little harder to see any details...any ideas or suggestions? I've checked Neimans, Saks, and Bergdorff's online with no success. Any advice would be helpful.
  7. PS...from what I could see, it was fairly plain black leather with gold/brass hardware.
  8. Doesn't HH have a large coin-like emblem hanging off their bags?