Black hippie full price or Whiskey hippie..outlet store?

  1. Now this is silly, but I need help with color. They have a whiskey hippie holding for me at the store outlet that I am passing on my vacation tomorrow for around $240.00 on sale..the black went first.. no more left. They may be getting black back, maybe..Mystore has one black return for $398.00. Which would you go for if you did not count money, for I do have a is not a cash transaction...Thanks!!!!
  2. whichever makes you happier, that's your answer. only you can really decide

    which outlet is it?
  3. Well since I like the Whiskey better anyway it wouldn't be a question for me but you get what makes YOU happy! I can understand though, thats a big difference in price.
  4. I love both the whiskey and the black - but I have noticed that I like the black more on the ali and the hippy - just because there is so much flat leather space without a lot of detail - and the scratches show a lot on the whiskey. I have it in the shoulderbag which is a bit busier in design and the scratches blend a bit better. The black does not scratch.
  5. I know you've had great difficulty with the Legacy bags because of the weight so are you sure you want the hippie? I just got the black one and it's pretty heavy empty - easily more than a pound. The hippies are all over eBay right now, including black ones. For that price difference, if you want the black, I'd go with eBay and save your credit for something else. I got mine at the outlet for around $223 plus tax.
  6. wow! good point, I forgot about your back rainbow

    I tried the hippie on too bc I walk with a cane so I only have one free hand, and it was way too heavy for me, that leather gets heavy.
  7. Lynn, get what you like best. I just purchased the Legacy Hippie in whiskey off of EBAY for $299. They did
    not have any at my outlet. I should receive it next week. The Legacy Hippie might be too heavy for you. Why don't you go buy it and try it out. If it does not work just return it to the Coach Store and get the
    Ergo Cross Body. That bag is lightweight. Just get what works best for you.
  8. I have to say that I'm partial to the whiskey b/c I wear A LOT of brown (it's my black!). The black is just so pretty though and both are year round bags.

    As long as it doesn't hurt your back, I'd say go with your instinct!
  9. Hi Liz, which bag do you mean, the black one at the store or to take the whiskey at the outlet? There is quite a difference in price to get the preferred black for winter at $398.00. I had returned the whiskey shoulder slim flap...much too heavy and the hippie is similar but crossbody and a bit smaller. I regretted having to take it back...but really wanted a black leather bag...for I wear lots of black and white as well as jeans and brown and blues, pinks..and colors..Brown goes well with everything..and black, to me is winter...colors... have lots of brown...the price at the outlet is excellent but, yes, it might be too heavy...I knew I was headed for that outlet on the way to JAX tomorrow, but I saw that thread about the hippie from Texas Mama..(thanks TM) and called the outlet and just missed the black. If I get it, I can always get something lighter in the outlet in Hiltonhead SC or Savanna on the way back. There is an early tropical sub storm brewing there right now, early in the hopefully, it will pass. I tried the Ergo crossbody and it was indeed light but I still love a bargain and legacy is one thing I have trouble turning down...I want what is not good for who else does that? LOL:yahoo:
  10. I love the wiskey color and the price is fantastic!
    I would have to choose that one.
    Let us know what you get!
  11. I have a black hippie bag and i love it!!! I don't think it's heavy at all, but that's me. I love the whiskey color though, but I bought black.
  14. Gosh, don't encourage me.. I am alrady counting hippie bags not sheep tonight....I am trying to be sensible...if I put my stuff in that bag and it feels one bit heavy...not gonna do it...They also said they had tons of signature there and also chelsea totes...may be...gone by tomorrow night...I have no idea what kind...Curses..curses....foiled again....LOL

  15. Lynn,

    Stop at the outlet and get the Whiskey one and try it on for size and weight it might work out. You will hit the other outlets on the way and might be able to exchange it for a black hippie bag if you find it at one of the other outlets. I in particular love the whiskey color.
    I do so hope you find the black hippie bag at one of the outlets and get a deal on it. If not and you still want a crossbody I would go with the black ergo cross body and get it for the PCE in June - it's just a month. I am probably buying the black ergo cross body for the PCE. Good luck and enjoy your trip!