Black Hardware

  1. What's the opinion on the black paddy with black hardware? Like or dislike? I've seen one I want to buy but I'm not sure. Can't remember the year of production either.
  2. Like:tup:. But....does the color chip off easily?
  3. I think black on black is nice but beware that the padlock is painted and chips easily. That alone would drive me NUTS! I wouldn't want to look at a chipped padlock, but that's just me. I like the brass locks, or even the newer leather covered padlocks.
  4. I love LOVE mine!
    They are from 06.
  5. I have a paddy with black hardware and I don't think the padlock paint is too delicate, though I am careful with it.

    I bought mine a couple of months ago, with one chip in it when i got it, and carried it exclusively for about 6 weeks. I was careful with it and it didn't get anymore chips, so I think- as long as you don't throw it around- it should be okay.
  6. my only paddy is a black shopper with black hardware. i love it because the look is quite distinct from the regular paddies and not quite as recognisable. i love the contrast between the big silver zipper at the bottom and all the black as well, gives it a bit of an edge. ooh this post made me want to take it out of the closet and wear it tomorrow!
    so far no chipping issues.
  7. I have the black/black paddy and I love it. My padlock has chipped a little, but only on the part where the lock rubs against the loop on the plate. I love the way the black on black looks. It's one of my favorite bags.
  8. Colour chipping off was the main issue for me. I had a bronze Mulberry a few months ago and all the colour rubbed off that. I wonder how the designers get away with selling thier bags for hundreds of pounds only to find that we get the same issues that we would get on a bag that costs a 10th of the price. Chipped hardware, paint problems..? Makes me think I'm wasting my money sometimes.
  9. I have three paddies with the black hardware: the medium black paddy, the medium metallic blue (blue nuit) and the large black pocket paddy. I LOVE them! :heart::heart: I think they are very "edgy" :supacool: looking and a nice departure from the brass or silver colored hardware. ;) I have not had any chipping issues, but I am very, very careful with my handbags. :angel: If you are contemplating a purchase, I'd say "go for it." :tup: The black hardware came out in '06. :graucho:
  10. Anybody could post pics? and any suggestions to take care of the black hardware? I'm waiting mine delivered from's such a good sale...but now I'm wondering if I will like it...hopefully :smile: