Black hardware....Yes or no ?

  1. I vote no. I know there's always a chance it will look different IRL, but I think the all black loses something -- too monochromatic and nothing stands out. It just doesn't look like an expensive bag.
  2. I vote yes. Very rockstar.

    Although it'll get the hell chipped out of it.
  3. yes, but not in that style. I'm getting the regular paddy black/black. Hopefully it'll be coming in the aug 10th shipment at Nordies.
  4. YEE-ES! On a regular paddy it would be lovely!
  5. MAJOR yes on a regular paddy!
  6. I have to say no. For handbags I think I am a traditionalist. What does that mean? It means that I like the original model of the first season. They were popular for a reason. Sometimes designers try all these fancy things and it doesn't look right...or worse, it dilutes the unique appeal of the original bag. So personally for me, I don't like it when they come out with variations on an already good bag. For this one in particular you can't see the beautiful detail on the bag. It just kinda looks like a piece of coal. :Push:

    I feel the same about icecream, by the way. Give me the traditional flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry! No rocky road mixed with phish food topped with cheese cake drops for me! :lol:
  7. too funny...i am actually eating rocky road ice cream right now (and it's one of my all time favorites)! and oh yeah, i loved the photo i saw of the regular paddy too!
  8. Major NO for me.
  9. No. It looks like it's been through a fire.
  10. Yes, I like it
  11. I do not care for the bag pictured. It is way too masculine looking and the leather does not look very nice on it. I'm not sure how that same hardware would look on a regular Paddy either. It's something I think I would have to see IRL. :smile:
  12. I completely agree. I was really anticipating the black on black, as I was hoping it wouldn't have the chipping/peeling problems of the gold on black...but it just doesn't look nice in the photo. It doesn't have that spark. Seems almost...plain. :sad:
  13. Yes! But not in this style, in baby paddy! Has anyone seen a bleu nuit one? Apparently they have one coming out in that colour too.
  14. i dont think the bag is nice, it looks ugly, sorry....