Black Hardware vs. Gold Hardware on Totes

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am new to Chloe and I'm thinking about getting the large Paddington tote online and I've seen the one with the black hardware and also one with the gold. However, I haven't seen either IRL.

    Does anyone have either of these bags and can you tell me if there are any other differences besides the hardware? Any opinions, pros or cons?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I personally find the black on black slightly goth looking, a little bit rock chick and quite hard looking.

    The brass isnt a bright glaring colour, its subtle and suits the paddy really well. If I was buying my first bag, I would prefer the gold coloured hardware over the black.

    I have two paddys with the brass hardware, and they are fine ;)

    good luck with your decision
  3. ^^ Thank you! :flowers:
  4. I am all about the gold hardware. It really makes the bag pop! Here is a pic. of my chocolate paddy and I have a red on the way. I dont have a pic of the black but I think it makes such a beautiful bag really blah.
  5. Also, when the black hardware gets scratched, you can see it more i think.
  6. Wow. Your bag is fabulous!
  7. Good point! :yes:
  8. I completely agree! First I thought I would prefer the black on black (just because I never wear gold jewelry), but after I got a Paddy with gold hardware, I can't imagine it any other way. It really turns heads! I think you will really like it!
  9. Just bought the shopper with the black hardware, haven't used it yet though. It does look tough, but it's still pretty.
  10. Hello! Just come across you crazy laydees today! Just bought a black paddington with black hardware in the sale(NAP), was really excited but after reading some posts here am now having second thoughts incase it starts to look bad if it gets a little scratched....panic! don't know if to send it back!
  11. I'm like that too. I love black and I never wear yellow gold jewelry either, but come to think of it my LVs have gold hardware and I wouldn't have them any other way!

    Oh boy, decision time!!! :confused1:

    Thanks everyone, for your replies! :flowers:
  12. I think they are both beautiful. Can't go wrong.....Both of the paddy's I just ordered have silver.
  13. Doesn't the gold chip too???
  14. I think all paddies chip yes pquiles. I guess it just seems to be more noticeable in the black. I reckon its still a stunning bag and if you are worrying about the gold being too much in your face then this padlock blends in with the bag itself and doesn't stand out. MeI love my paddlock standing out.

    Jelly just wait and see what you think when it comes - everyone is different and you may love it plus NAP return policy is free and very easy to do so you dont need to worry about that.

    Good luck
  15. Both my paddies (Dark Whiskey & Jeans Moyen) have the gold hardware and I agree it does make the bags pop. I also tend to see the black hardware on sale alot (i.e. at Net-a-porter) so I don't think they've caught on as much as the traditional gold. Don't get me wrong though, I still think its a beautiful bag with black hardware, just a matter of preference.