Black Handbag..

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I am planning to buy a black handbag just casual everyday use... not too formal..
    I am 5"4 , 28 years old..

    Which one shall I buy: Chloe Paraty, Givenchy Antigona, Gucci, celine phatom ?
    Any more suggestions are welcome..
    Please help me find a nice black bag..

  2. I'd go for either the Chloe Paraty or Givenchy Antigona.

    I like how the Chloe Paraty looks casual yet elegant and at the same time is under the radar. The Givenchy Antigona is a good choice as well since you can dress it up or down, and its classic shape gives it a timeless look.

    I honestly feel the Celine Phantom is just too big, bulky and overexposed. With Gucci, it really depends on the style.

    Good luck with your black bag hunt! :smile:
  3. How casual are you talking about? You have quite a range of bags you are considering.
    Do you want a bag that can also be professional / dressy?
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    Great selection you got there! All 4 bags you mention can be carried or used as daily bag but it all comes down with your lifestyle. But here's my opinion of the 4 bags you mention:

    Gucci - which style you are referring for this brand?

    Chloe Paraty - among the 4 bags you mention this bag I think is most casual of them all. It has right size for brunch with your friends or just stroll around the mall for shopping. The handle and shoulder strap gives you the ease to carry it by the handle or over the shoulder. My only concern for this bag as a day is the size, it might be too small to fit all your needs for the whole day.

    Celine Phantom Luggage - the biggest bag among 4. I actually love the shape of this bag and definitely you could fit all the stuff you needing for whole day in the office or just doing errands in the city. But because its size the more stuff you load on this bag the heavier it gets and you can only carried in handheld or crooked in your arm. I also like to mention that the bottom of this bag tend to sag over time. And also I think this bag is too big for you.

    Givenchy Antigona - it depends on what size you like. All Ant has a handheld strap and shoulder strap and also can be used as casual or work day bag (of course depending on the size).

    Hope this help you and good luck! Please let us know what your final decision :smile:
  5. My vote goes to the phantom. I'm biased because I own and love one :P Oh and try it on first before purchasing. I carry mine on my shoulder and have the natural calfskin version so no sagging, just beautiful leather that will patina over time.

    Second choice would be the ant. I like this bag and if I didn't love my YSL easy, the ant would be in my collection.

    I wouldn't buy the Chloe or Gucci.

    Good luck
  6. Hey Ladies,
    Actually I saw quite few of them now.. I do think phatom being heavy and will not suit my lifestyle..
    I really want a bag to go out for shopping , doing some errands + looking nice and elegant..
    I saw Mulberry Alexa not sure if you guys like it or not? also saw Channel Shopper Tote.. Some one told me "Chloe Paraty" is all gone in style within a year or so no will even care or notice paraty at all.. I am not sure if that is true or not..
    So now I have final choices which are different from what I mentioned earlier ..I am very sorry for that..
    "Channel shopper Tote" , "Givenchy Antigona" , "Mulberry Alexa" or " Gucci Soho leather bag"..
    If you have any other choice for me please let me know..


  7. Actually I need something for doing shopping running an errand + looking elegant ..
    I updated my choices.. my apologies there..
    Now my choices are : "Channel Shopper tote", "Mulberry Alexa", " Gucci Soho" , "Givenchy Antigona"..

    Please add or suggest any other , which you think are better than what I had listed...

  8. Which chanel shopper tote are you thinking of? Is it the new one from the pre spring/summer collection?
  9. Which size of Chanel Shopper tote? Grand or Petite?

    But whatever size it will be my vote goes to CHANEL.
  10. The Mulberry Alexa is an amazing option :smile: