Black Halo vs. Roland Mouret Sizing


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May 27, 2020
About 2-3 years ago, I discovered Black Halo and fell in love with it. I have numerous Black Halo dresses (perhaps 7-8). However, I heard that Roland Mouret is a higher quality version of Black Halo and some of his styles look really amazing. I can't go to the store to try it out, but I was wondering how its sizes and fit compare to Black Halo? If the Black Halo Sillouette flatters me, is it the same for Roland Mouret? Should I size up or size down. Does the top or bottom run bigger vs. Black Halo?

Usually, when shopping online, I tend to get certain brands as I know the fit of the brands (i.e. BCBG, Black Halo, St. John, Armani Collezioni). Thank you all for your help! Any sizing relative to those other brands will help too.