Black Halo Sample Sale, Los Angeles: 65%-75% Off!

  1. Black Halo Sample Sale: 65%-75% Off! :tup:

    November 16, 2007 ~ 12 noon to 5pm
    November 17, 2007 ~ 9am to 3pm

    588 Mateo St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90013

    If you're not familiar with the brand, check them out at Their styles have been seen on Mandy Moore, America Ferrera, Jenny Mccarthy, etc:

    Here are other examples of their designs for you, I don't know if these will be on sale, but you never know! There are always great deals at their sales!

    Jackie O Dress..............................Tweed Dress (Mandy Moore Lucky Mag Cover)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I NEED THAT CREAM & TWEED DRESS! but it just came out, so i doubt it will be at the sale. thanks for posting!
  3. You're very welcome! Hey, at the last sample sale I got the Jackie O dress & it's till being sold at full price at some places, so you might never know about the Tweed dress! Good luck should you go...
  5. so how great are the prices? the Jackie O dress would be about $80 then?? (75% off of $320?)
  6. I got the Jackie dress for $100 (70% off current retail price), which wasn't bad since the dress is still being sold at regular price at many retailers.

    Tops were $30-40, I got dressy black shorts for $39, some silk dresses for around $60.

    Pretty good haul considering their retail prices!
  7. Lauren was rockin the Jackie O dress on The Hills tonight!
  8. I love that dress! Do they by any chance take phone orders? *crosses fingers* :graucho:
  9. did you go on the first day tifferz1978? How were the lines and the crowds -- also, do you know if they constantly replenish stock? I'm trying to decide if I should change my trip to LA to accomodate for this sale. TIA! :smile:

    (ps thanks for posting this!)
  10. The Black Halo sample sale is one of the better organized sales because the warehouse is so nice and airy! No tiny room where you feel like you're gonna pass out. They have PLENTY of stock, so don't worry about the selection. I love that they have current stuff on sale, not just things from past seasons...Have fun, it's coming up!!!
  11. OMG I would kill to go to this SS - I've been eyeing all of those gorgeous dresses for the longest time. :crybaby: Does someone want to be my personal shopper? LOL!!
  12. Seriously, anyone know about phone orders? I have been this close to paying full price for the Jackie O at least 3 times.
  13. same here, I need that Jackie O dress!
    If they don't do phone orders, will anyone be willing to pick up some stuff for us?? pleasseeeee :yes:
  14. i hope they're taking phone orders! i'm thinking about emailing them since i can't find a phone number...
  15. omg i need that jackie O dress. I was about to pay retail!