Black Halo Jackie O dress in Black

  1. I bought this dress about a month ago.....and it has sat in my closet ever since. I love it but the only event I can think of wearing it to would be my anniversary dinner with my husband later this month. How can I make this "office appropriate...or should it not be worn in the office?
  2. It's very office-appropriate! It's knee-length, and doesn't show any cleavage. To make it ever More office-appropriate, you can wear a cardigan or blazer over it to cover up your shoulders. Pumps will also make the dress look more professional than open-toed shoes.
  3. i love this dressssssss! I have the one shoulder one. Def office appropiate.
  4. I love it! A black fitted jacket would look great with it and would be perfect for work.
  5. I think a light beige/creme fitted blazer would look very nice with this. I'd pair it with gray closed or peed toed pumps and a short, thin scarf like the Hermes twillies. I think a black jacket would force you into the all-black look, which I've never been too fond of (if nothing else, it makes me feel a little sad and droopy all day when I wear all black!). Hope this helps!
  6. I love this dress! I think it's already work appropriate depending on what type of work environment you're in, but agree with everyone that a jacket would help make it more appropriate if you work in a more conservative office.
  7. It fits perfectly in an office setting! Just pair with a blazer and pumps and you're good to go.
  8. ^^Totally agree! It's a gorgeous dress.;)
  9. it's ok to wear it as an office attire .. just put a blazer on it... nice dress!
  10. It's beautiful!!
  11. Gorgeous dress ... very Roland Mouret....
  12. I just googled this dress the other day! I love it! I want it!
  13. Here it is on Jenny!
  14. Can I ask what the sizing is like for this brand? I've been contemplating a purchase, but not sure if it runs true to size. Thanks!
  15. i purchased a 4 and that is my size. it's a snug fitting dress. if you're curvy like me stay away from the cheeseburger & fries if you know you're wearing that dress in a few hours. ;)