Black Gucci

  1. I want to get a black Gucci handbag and I want a style that will be in for a long time. Any suggestions? Also I prefer leather. Thanks
  2. I love the look of the Boston Wave bag. It comes in smooth leather. It is a hand held. What type of bag do you like? Sholder strap, size etc.? Also, have you looked on their website?
  3. how about the leather horsebit hobo?
  4. I agree!! That's a GORGEOUS bag!!!
  5. I've put my suggestions from the Gucci website as attachments. Can you give us some more detail on what you're looking for? I wasn't sure so basically I went with bags that caught my eye and that could be used every day (not really fancy stuff). I also tried to avoid bags with the Jackie O shape since you already have the Bouvier! So trying to get you some different styles to choose from! :smile:

    The last bag #4 (The Princy) also comes in black guccissima.

    I think my current vote is for #3 the black suede top handle cuz I think it's different yet super classic. Only thing is that you'll have to be more careful with it since it's suede. If you spray it, I think it'd do fine even with a little rain or snow. I also think the cozy-ness of it makes it perfect for winter... but that also means you may not be able to carry it as much in the summer.. but it doesn't really matter will it :?: since you have those amazing bags from this summer's cruise collection!! :yahoo:

    however, if you want a shoulder bag, then I'll vote for one of the Britts. The Britt tote (in the picture the shoulder strap is detached) but it actually comes with the tote handles and the shoulder strap which make it super handy. I actually have a beige GG fabric version of that bag from 1-2 years ago and it's reallyl versatile! I use it a lot as a work bag cuz it fits so much stuff in it and I can carry it the 2 different ways.

    Hope this helps and gives you some ideas you like!
    britt medium.jpg britt tote.jpg gucci goldie large suede tote.jpg gucci princy large top handle.jpg
  6. Thank you Jadecee...I know that you are in TO and you too shop at Holt's. Do you think the Britt will go on sale in December that is when they have there next Now or Never Sale? Did you ask your SA? I asked but they were unsure what would make it to the sale. I bet they know!!!! Right now my black handbag and it is a Prada but, I think it would be nice to have a bold Gucci bag in black. I think the Britt with the huge GG is my favorite.

  7. no problem! I don't know the answer to whether they'll go on sale or not though. From the forum here it sounds like the Britt line is pretty popular. I see a few people posting pics of new Britts they've bought.

    I haven't asked whether they'll go on sale cuz right now I think it's too early to tell. Plus I'm trying to refrain from buying any bags until I go to Hong Kong later this year. I think how Holt's does their sale is dependent on how Gucci does their sale (but that's just my personal opinion). Or at least when you see the Gucci sale yourself, you can kind of make a guess as to whether HR will also do a sale on that particular bag. As in the past, HR selectively puts their bags on sale so instead of say 40% of all Guccis.. some will be 60, some 50, some 40, some 30, etc.

    I think what will be more a deciding factor is the amount of inventory. If the line is popular.. you may not be able to wait for a sale b/c there won't be any left by that time!

    So I guess the question is do you really NEED a black bag and if so, do you LOVE absolutely MUST HAVE a black bag from the Britt line or you could survive without it? I guess the answer to that will tell you whether you should just get it regular price or if you're gonna risk it and wait for the sale.

    ...and any chance you'll be going to Calgary or Edmonton any time soon??? ;) man.. why can't we ALL have no PST!! :yucky:
  8. I would go for the Britt bag series - it's just so classic! The black boston bags are nice too.

    Love the pug, btw... thinking of getting one myself!!!
  9. I love some of their Guccissima lines from Classic. They currently have a cute tote and a shoulder bag in black. Also, it's not leather but they have a very cute black horsebit hobo in black.
  10. I really love this bag.

  11. I saw this IRL and OMG this bag made forget the Britt I wanted. It so BEAUTIFUL.:nuts:
  12. it considered a small or medium bag? Is it on the Gucci website...stunning beats the Britt but, I also need room to carry stuff...I have problems ddownsizing..right now i use my large gucci boston and size wise it is would this one compare/

  13. You soooo need a pug...the most wonderful creature in the world...playful little clown with a heart of gold..I love:heart: my pug to bits. A pug will bring sooo much love and joy:yahoo: . Go for it!!!!!

    The Britt and the Boston are my two favs. I own the large Boston in forest is gorgeous....thanks
  14. I've seen this bag on NM's website and BG's website. I haven't checked to see if Saks has it. It seems to come in small or medium. I haven't seen a large version of this bag. The small one is $1,450. The dimensions are: 8-1/5" H x 13-2/5" W x 1-3/5" D. The medium one is $1,750. The dimensions are: 12-1/5" H x 13-2/5" W x 1-1/2" D.
  15. WOW...I think all the bags mentioned here are gorgeous!! I would love any of them...I really don't think you can go wrong!