black gucci pelham!! HELP!

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  1. hi guys!!

    does anyone know where i can find a black gucci pelham in small. i want the cloth version instead of the leather ones! i saw this lady carrying it the other day and im in love! i know im a bit late but hopefully there will still be some around. THANKS :smile:!
  2. Have you checked the Gucci website? I know they have the medium Pelham in black on I don't think it even comes in a small size though.
  3. hi becky...i think it did cuz i saw someone on the forum with a small...the one on Saks is a medium...and the color in the black looks really off!! i dunno if its just the website...or its a different one? im totally confused!!
  4. I could be wrong, but I thought the Pelham only comes in medium and large...
  5. I checked the Gucci Website and I didn't see any small black Pelham in the canvas. They said they have it in the black guccissma leather.. I'm not sure if it came in the black canvas..

    Shar - the Pelham comes in a small size but the small is a pretty big bag to me ! :smile:
  6. You are safe and probably wise to purchase directly from the gucci store or somewhere like NM, Saks, etc....stay AWAY from eBay - it's full of FAKES!!!!
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