Black Gucci Indy Bag

  1. What do you think about the Gucci Indy Bag. I live in East Hampton NY and I went into the Gucci store the other day and fell in love with a Black leather Indy Bag but hesistated to buy it because of the $2500.00 price tag. I wanted to get everyones opinion beore I make such a big purchase. Do you think the Indy bag is just one of those bags that going to die out soon or do you think it will become a classic.
  2. haha.. i have it but in the medium, black leather, with the guccissima corners. I thought the large was a tad too big. The medium is still very roomy and big IMO. She's sleeping right now since i've been using my LV cabby gm as my everyday bag.... but i'll switch out. I used to take her shopping w/me but the opening gets kinna annoying after awhile.. But yes, i think it will def be a keeper in my collection for awhile. It's different and not alot of people have it. Some people either hate or love it. here's the link if you wanna see pics from my post.
  3. It's a nice sexy bag. But I don't think it's an everyday bag. It's so glam. I like it!!
  4. Gucci lover- your Indie bag is to die for!! I'm definitely adding this one to my wish list.
  5. Hi Nefredity, you are right... it def is a glam bag!! hehe...

    Thank you BagLady2006 - the leather is very very nice. I totally spoil her :love:
  6. very glam, gorgeous IRL. my one hesitation is the metal that was on the shoulder strap. i wonder if that would hurt after a while. still, a beautiful, unique bag.