Black Gucci GG canvas 'New Britt' small hobo

  1. This was listed on for $676. I ordered it using a 10% off coupon so the total including tax was $608. It said the original price was $845 (but I hear they lie), but now as I do searches I can't even find where Gucci had made a New Britt Small hobo, just the medium and that is only listed at $695 on the website. Anybody know anything about this? Here is the picture they have on the website which I like, but now I'm a bit worried that it might not look like this.


    As a matter of fact what do you think of the purse as an everyday purse in general?

    I figure if its not what I thought it was I can just send it back. . .
  2. Sorry, don't know about this tote but Bluefly does fudge with prices for sure. I got Gucci boots at Saks outlet for $160 and the original price was around $595 or something and I later found same boots on Bluefly for $995 - 20%. I couldn't believe it.
  3. Thanks for the response :smile:! I was hoping more people would chime in. . .here's the link to the purse.
  4. Sorry I can't offer any help but I just bought the med bag in leather (it's on sale for $529 YAY!!) and have been curious about how it is as an everyday purse too. I've searched and searched for pics and such but the only thing that comes up is another style of the hobo. I hope someone does respond.

    I so hate not living close to a boutique where I can actually try the bag on.