$ Black GST

  1. I love the style of the GST. What's the current price of the GST w/ silver hardware? Does it come in anything other than caviar? If so, are there price differences?
  2. Hi MCD...
    I just bought mine here in California for $2,195.00 Well...I just know with tax and everything is $2,300.31
    Mine is in Gold Chain. Haven't seen the one in silver.
  3. $2,125 for the new washed caviar as well as the regular caviar. :yes: Price for silver and gold hardware is the same. I believe the lambskin version (which I think is hard to find as I've never even seen it IRL) is about $100 or so more than the caviar.
  4. Does anyone know how much the GST is in Canada?
  5. thanks for all your input. I will be on a hunt for the lambskin GST. Thanks again.
  6. i'm a newbie so trying to get to know the terms here. whats GST??
  7. GST = Grand Shopping Tote
  8. GST = Grand Shopping Tote

    I believe the tag just reads "Grand Shopper"

  9. The price of the GST in Canada is 2337.00 with tax.
  10. ....I have not see a lambskin GST in a while..
  11. What about Aust prices anyone know ??