Black GST with silver hardware discontinued??

  1. I know this has been discussed on here before, but I never really got a clear answer. I went to Chanel today and the SA told me they were no longer going to get the black GST with silver hw. From now on, it was only going to be available with the gold hw.
    Has someone else heard this from a reliable source?? TIA!
  2. As far as I know Chanel changes the hardware color almost every season, so if this season is gold tone next will be silver tone and vice versa.
  3. The gold is always available. Silver is seasonal. They just came out with the GST with washed caviar (with silver hardware) for spring/summer 2008. I bought one. :yes:
  4. In October, my SA told me that they will no longer make the original caviar GST w/silver hardware. Not sure if the washed caviar is permanent or not.
  5. So, the "washed caviar" GST (spring/summer) is only available with silver hardware, not gold? :confused1:

    Also, what colors did the "washed caviar" GST come in?? Only black?

  6. OMFG!!!! PLEASE don't tell me this!!!!! PLEASE!:cursing:

  7. Hmmm, the SA definitely didn't inform me about this. Is it the same price $2125?? TIA!