1. Hey, I'm supposed to be studying for my final but I am too addicted to chanel! :nuts: I am looking for the black caviar grand shopping tote with gold hardware..I've been calling around a dozen places but no one seems to have it in stock. I put my name and # down for 2 SAs, one at bloomies and one at hirschleifers. They don't know when theyre going to get a new shipment soon though. I would reallyyyy appreciate it if anyone could locate a GST for me in NY. I would order it from elsewhere but I am too antsy about ordering a bag that I've never seen IRL or tried on in person. Thank you so much!
  2. nycgirl: if I'm not mistaken, I heard that there was one available at Saks in NY? I'm sorry if I'm mistaken but I think I read that here somewhere. I know you're antsy about buying over the phone but if you get really desperate, I think there was one at the NM in SF, as well as the Chanel in SF. Good luck! It's a beautiful bag.
  3. Thanks x_joie! But I called NYC Saks today and they didn't have it in stock :sad: I was hoping to get it on the day of the gift card event too :push:
  4. I called Saks in Phoenix yesterday and they had one in stock (spoke with Carol). I'm not sure if it's still there, but good luck!
  5. I saw it it on Sunday at Hirshleifer's. Pretty sure it was the GST w/ Gold hardware. Call them again. Ask for Madison...she's the best.
  6. ^ Thanks for the tip! unfortunately, the SA I spoke to, Jane, said that they sold the only one they had this morning :crybaby:
  7. If I'm not mistaken, Chanel on 57th has the GST with gold. Good luck!
  8. Try Bergdorf Goodman New York. As of 5pm NY time they had Black w/gold.