black GST w/ sh on ebay, such a mark up :O

  1. Wow...someone who WANTS it RIGHT NOW will probably pay!
  2. The bags that are listed are purchased at retail plus, plus. Hence the mark up. And the prices just went up again!
  3. I think they are counting on people not knowing the real retail price. I've seen Burberry Novacheck bags marked up ridiculously and people actually buy!
  4. That's crazy. If I were bidding on something so expensive, I would do some research, it's not that hard!
  5. wow. that's a lot over the retail.
  6. No one will buy it.

    They are not THAT hard to find. A few phone calls and anyone could eventually find one. Sheesh. what a trip. its not like they are discontinued or something :noggin:
  7. wow ..seems like a bit much.
  8. How much is retail?
  9. 1750
  10. i saw that too...the price is just to crazy..!! I would rather get it in store or ask my sales to locate one for me!!
  11. Guess we'll find out if anyone is that desperate!