Black GST or Red Jumbo?

  1. Which would you buy a black GST or a red jumbo? I can only buy one right now. Please help me make up my mind.
  2. Personally for me...I would buy the black GST b/c I would get more use out of a black bag than a red bag. But it really depends on what you have in your collection and what style bag you would prefer. As you can tell from my avatar, I am quite partial to the black GST.
  3. Red jumbo! The color alone is hard to come by. So if u get the chance grab it. And the red this season is just gorg! Goodluck to you :smile:
  4. I agree the Red jumbo. Just because the Red is a beautiful color this season and you can always find a black gst.
  5. Red jumbo - GST will be available later.
  6. Red jumbo! Black GST is available year round and less expensive than the jumbo. Grab it before the price increases, again and again...
  7. red jumbo hands down
  8. Thanks everyone!
  9. Red jumbo
  10. Red jumbo!!! Black GST is still avaliable. You may get the red jumbo now, and GST later this year before the price hike. :p
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    12a Red JumBo is pErFeCt :love::heart::loveeyes:
  12. Definitely red jumbo! Although the addition of a GST to your collection is a must -- after! ;)
  13. Red jumbo!!
  14. Red Jumbo! I have both bags in question and even though i love my gst (have had it for 6 years now) and have loved and used it to bits, my red classic flap gives me more joy
  15. I always go for the classic flaps first because these are getting more and more expensive if you wait.