black gst or black cabas?

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black GST with silver hardware or black baby cabas

  1. GST

  2. baby cabas

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  1. i have been in the waiting list for the cabas for too long. i got a call today from my SA saying that the balck cabas that they reordered will come very... soon. But, I am trying to be good not to have the same bag in different color.
    which one do you girls prefer. I am worried that if i pass on the cabas, and i want it down the road, it will be impossible to get it. as far as the GST, i want it in the silver hardware, so i also have to get now or wait til god knows when if chanel decides to release GST in silver hardware again.

    hm... decision decision.....
  2. I vote for the cabas, since you can always get the GST later.
  3. definitely the cabas!!! i much prefer the look of it to the GST.
  4. hm... i should get the black cabas even tho i already have a khaki?
  5. since you have a khaki one, why not a GST then?
  6. Gst
  7. since you already have a baby cabas, why not get the gst, if you want a more structured bag. Unless you really love the baby cabas, I love my black one matches with everything. I'd love a khaki though, the color is tdf!
  8. definitely GST
  9. I'm not going to vote in the poll because I have never (believe it or not) seen the cabas IRL. I've been dying too but they never have it when I go.

    Anyway, I just wanted to put my 2 cents in about the GST. I recently bought this bag and really love it. It is a structured tote and from the pics of the Cabas, that bag is very slouchy. So, I guess if you're looking for structure, GST is your bag.

    I have used my GST for 2 straight weeks which is unusual for me not to change bags more often. I really love it and may get it in another color.

    Good luck to you!
  10. Baby Cabas! I've used mine almost every day since buying it.
  11. GST. I have it with the silver hardware and it is gorgeous. If you already have a Cabas, I say diversify your collection!
  12. GST. Especially if you already have a khaki cabas.
  13. Gst !!!
  14. Get the GST if you already have the Cabas in a different color
  15. Baby cabas!