BLACK GST--It is shiny? Washed? PLS HELP.

  1. So, I just received my Black GST from Saks in Santa Barbara... It seem pretty shiny, the caviar leather has quite a sheen to it. Does that mean it's the older version, from fall/winter?

    Can anyone help? Thanks.

    Oh, and there's no season on the tag, but the style # is A20995Y01864.

  2. Post some pictures and I'm sure someone can tell you. I prefer the older cavier to the washed myself.
  3. I can't post cause I'm at work and don't have my camera... And about to leave on a work trip. Does anyone have a black GST who can give me info on the shine? lol. Thanks.
  4. Originally Posted by nmarcus

    (I answered in the other thread, but thought I'd add here too...) just incase. LOL!

    Umm...I don't know...Mine has some shine. Not a lot to wear it looks wet, or mirrored. KWIM? Glossy. Depending how I move the bag around...a gloss shines over it.

    When I first got mine I thought it looked really shiny too. I think it might've been the lighting though. (I had been viewing it in my family room with some lighting).

    Perhaps in certain lighting it may appear slightly more shiny. :shrugs:

    HTH!! :yes:

    --->> Ohh......also the style # on mine is the same.
  5. Thank you!!
  6. old Caviar should have a glossy finish and more stiff, there's also a new batch of 'Washed' Caviar that's less glossy & more soft :flowers: BTW, if you don't need it in a hurry, you should wait for Saks's EGC this month to get some $ back :graucho: there are plenty of threads about EGC in 'Deals and Steals' forum :smile:
  7. Washed caviar is supposed to feel smooth, and regular caviar has the pebbly texture.

    Not sure if that answers your question, but what is the serial number of the bag?