Black GSH Part-time or City?

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  1. Hi, I got an anthracite First last year and now I am thinking to get a bigger size b bag~
    I'm thinking whether to get a black color part-time or city~Always wanted to get a city but today I tried on the GSH part time and it looks very nice, especially when using with the long strap(compare to city)

    But my friend said its better to get the city size because I am very tiny (5"2 and skinny)People always say part time is for taller girls...

    So I am not sure....What do you guys think?
    Please give me some suggestions, Thanks so much! =)
  2. I have both, and I think the City is probably a better choice!
  3. i prefer the giant part time because i love its east west look and the longer shoulder strap is really comfy, giant city is too crowded IMO;),I AM 5"2 AND SKINNY too ,i don't think it is too big at all ( i also have giant works!!)
  4. I love my black gsh pt - so that gets my vote! lol
  5. i prefer the city
  6. i prefer PT though 'cause i find City "drowns" shorties like me :lol:
  7. PT!! I much prefer the look of the PT with GH over the City with GH. I don't think a PT will be too big on you at all--just look at pics of Vanessa Hudgens with her Black GGH looks awesome on her and she's about 5'2-5'3.
  8. Do you guys think the Giant PT is very heavy?
  9. City
  10. I prefer the City
  11. City
  12. City gets my vote
  13. City!! It's my favorite bbag style. I have two GSH Cities and I do not think it's to "crowded" with the GH. It's the perfect size IMO. When I need bigger bag, I carry a Work. It's just my opinion:P
  14. I think go with what you are comfortable with - if you prefer the PT and think it suits you then go for it!
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