Black grease dirt on Mono Mini...eeekkk!!!

  1. I did something dumb today.:sweatdrop:

    I actually set my Monogram Mini Josephine down on the floor at the grocery store. The wheel on my cart caught my baby in an angle with black grease on one corner of my bag from the wheel. I was so upset I forgot to buy half the things on my grocery list. :crybaby:

    For those with cloth canvas bags, like Monogram Mini, Mini Lin, Denim, and not sure what the Trapeze is made of. Here's a tip for cleaning dirt from your LV canvas items without destroying the fabric. :idea:

    Black smudges or rubbed in dirt on the corners can be cleaned easily and effectly with 'Forever New' The Stain Remedy . Use a cotton swab or soft cotton rag. Put small drop of the stain remover on tip. Rub into dirt spot gently to remove the stain. Use a clean corner of the cloth dampen with water, dab to remove the cleaner. Let the wet stain air dry.

    My Monogram Mini was clean without any spotting damage and the black greasy stain was gone! Forever!:yahoo:
  2. Glad to hear the stain came off! Whew! Thanks for the info - do you have a link to where it can be purchased? TIA!
  3. Omg thats awesome I thought your thread was gonna be how sad you are because it was ruined! Im so happy for you :smile:!
  4. Thanks for the tips...glad that the stain came off..
  5. :sweatdrop: Phew....glad it cleaned out alright , thanks for the info!
  6. what a close call! congrats on getting it out.
    I love my mono minis, but have forever to be wary of stains. I used to use that Mr. Clean eraser pad, but thanks for the new tip!
  7. Addy, you can buy this at any fine lingerie department. I was hooked on this stuff from Neiman's Marcus for my collection of cashmere sweaters. Little did I know it would one day save my favorite gift from dh.

    Here's the link: Forever New
  8. wow! Glad you were able to save her!
  9. Lovely.
  10. Glas to hear that you were able to get your bag all cleaned off! Thanks for the tip as to what to clean it with!
  11. So good to know. Thanks for the tip!
  12. Wow! Did my thread get raised from the bottom???

    Okay... Anyone interested and owns any of the fabric bags. Should use this very delicate and effective lingerie cleaner mix it with 3 parts water to a less than a cap full of the powder (or liquid). Mix well. Take a dampen cloth wet in solution wring it out a little. Gently dab on affected area of dirt until loosen. Take a clean cloth dampen to rise off any residue. Let dry natural in room temperature or use low setting of hair dryer with long sweeping motion to dry. *NOTE* Do not apply hair dryer too close to fabric!

    Product is called FOREVER NEW and can be found in fine lingerie and department stores. Nordstrom, Neiman's, Bare Necessities, etc.
  13. Good to know!! I have 2 Mini Mono's and am terrified of getting them stained!
  14. Best part, kookielf124, will not leave a ring of white powder around the area you've cleaned. Just becare not to wet the leather pipping and trim.
  15. Thanks for the tip. I love the mini lin line and will absolutely be buying this product.....especially for the new Dune color. :yes: