Black gold :)

  1. Well, i've recently seen some black gold stuff, and its just WOW :smile:
    I was wondering if anyone knew any watch companies that use black gold in their designs, with a grey or black leather strap (something Franck Muller-esque)
    Thanks :smile:
  2. I've never seen black gold! Only white, yellow and pink! Is it something new?
  3. Hi Helpmeplease
    Check out De Grisogono
    They have beautiful watches and jewelry in black, brown gold
    Boucheron have wedding bands ( the quatre ring ) in four gold colors together : white, yellow, rose and choclate brown..
  4. De Grisogono.

    Also, Roger Dubuis.
  5. I'm not too sure about it being new, but there are many colour variants of gold (reacted with certain metals) Purple, Lime and Black are the least common, yet amazing ones :smile:
    Being a guy, I don't like to wear jewelry, so it's watches for me :smile:
  6. Colored gold is very in these days....There is a super-cool watch by Zenith called Defy-Xtreme that comes in various colors of gold and black Titanium.
    My DH bought one last week in rose gold and titanium....:tup:
    Go to and see the collections...
    It's nothing like Frank Muller but I think it's very special
  7. I've heard many good things about Zentih, a friend of mine (on tPF) who is very knowledgeable about watches and the like. But yeah, Franck Muller watches just have a cool flair to them, but to be honest, I don't care too much about the brand, s'long as it looks good on my wrist :smile:
  8. I know Tiffany's has their Frank Gehry Torque ring available in black gold (the narrow one at least).

  9. I've been seeing ads for black gold too. I think they plate the gold or something like that to make it look black. I could be completely wrong, though.
  10. It's gold with other elements added to it, not sure about black, but purple is Aluminum (I think, or something else beginning with A)
  11. For your kind perusal....:graucho:


    Photo Credit:
  12. I think i'm in love with the Franck Muller, I looked on De Grisogono, but none of the watches that were available in black gold were that nice :smile: In the first De Grisogono picture, please tell me thats not a mans watch xD!
  13. Wow. I've never seen that before... looks cool!