Black Glossy goat or Black Deep embossed croc

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  1. Which material would you pick?
  2. I own goat items.
    And avoided new deep embossed croc, when scale peeling issues surfaced on forum.
  3. Goat, there have been quality issues with the new croc, and I wouldn't be confident it willwear as well as the previous croc print leathers
  4. Glossy goat always - shrugs off water easily!

    Embossed croc scares me due to lifting issues.
  5. No issue at all with older ones..i have both black glossy goat bays and printed bays and prefer the printed
  6. Yeah the old printed ones are bombproof!
    I remember reading about lifting on the new Oxblood embossed though which is what puts me off.
  7. Glossy goat gets my vote - lightweight but robust
  8. Glossy goat too, whilst the deep
    Embossed looks amazing, too many concerns for me over scales lifting
  9. As elvis said old printed is excellent but so is glossy goat
  10. Controversially I love glossy goat but am drawn (moth to light) on the moc printed leather. Will you use it regularly? what you are planning to buy?

    Remember, If It lifts, you can return it within the year long warranty.
  11. Glossy goat although the mock croc is beautiful and there have been some mouth watering reveals of the latter!
  12. Glossy goat definitely!

    I have both and the new deep croc embossed (although beautiful) is nowhere near as hard-wearing.