Black GH or RH? What would you do?

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  1. Hello ladies! I know there are dozens of thread concerning which bags we should keep and let go...and here goes one more!:P

    My collection has changed a lot and I've trimmed everything down to just one bag - a black SGH City with killer leather. I'm a sucker for really thick and wrinkly leather. I've always thought that I needed to jazz up a black bag since I always go for brightly colored ones and that's why I got a black one with SGH. Recently, I was able to acquire another HG of mine - Ruby SGH City!:graucho:

    Now, the problem: I'm not sure if I should keep the black one? I mean, they're both really beautiful but since they're both City with SGH..I was wondering if I should change my Black SGH City to one with RH? At least in that way, I can switch them up and have more variety? I'm having a real hard time deciding since I really love the leather on this one. I've had Black RH bags before (First, Twiggy and City) and ended up selling all of them but this one is just right (I think?). I have a chance at RH bag with killer leather too but I'm not sure if I should give RH another try?

    Here's a picture:


    Note: I am not soliciting any offers or sales here in the Forum, I really just want to get some good advice;)
  2. I LOVE YOUR bag ,it is so perfectly wrinkled this edge look with gsh ,keep it!!!
  3. Black GSH and Black RH seem to be such different bags. They both also look different from each other so maybe one of each. I really like your GSH black but I also really like my black city in RH. It seems that each make what you wear look different and each seems to look different even though they are both black and city's. If you are down to just a couple bags, the GSH can be worn with anything, casual or more dressy, in black so maybe it is a good bag to keep. Although, I wear my black RH with dresses and when I dress up and it looks fine. I am so undecided my self anymore that I shouldn't give my opinion........:roflmfao::lol:
  4. I'm not a particular fan of GH (so bear that in mind), particularly on the City. But that leather looks so gorgeous and rich (which the silver complements nicely), I don't think I'd be able to let her go!

    I do think the RH is more refined, especially in black, and is a perfect day to night bag. Especially night, when you're gussied up and want you and your outfit to be what shines. More versatile, IMO.

    If the leather is as divine on the RH one, I really think you should give it a shot... But I also think you can justify having both -- they really are different bags.

    A black City is just a classic bag, period.

    Gee, I haven't helped much, have I?
  5. I'd say keep it hun!! i go for thick and heavily distressed leather too,.. my hubby would always catch me sniffing them!! :blush:
  6. I have a black rh city and I use it everyday! Love the rh!
  7. Gosh that SGH City is so fabulous! Don't let it go. It's soooo not like the ruby despite the hardware. You can still have a black rh someday for a different look. fwiw, I prefer rh, but the perfect jet black sgh city is my hg that I hope to find some day!
  8. I'd keep it. I don't think having 2 bags with GSH is the same, especially since they are different colors. All of mine are rh, just different colors because that's what I like. YOu've got a gorgeous bag there, so keep it, you like it!
  9. Keep it!! That bag is awesome and I think you'll get more use out of the SGH black bag. (Since you mentioned that you got rid of all of your RH bags in the past, I think that I would just stick with what I knew I loved!)
  10. Oh NO! you got the most Gorgeous leather w/ so much wrinkles, SGH is Awesome w/ black. I'd KEEP IT! They all look different & that kind of leather is really hard to come by.
  11. I'd keep it! It's beautiful!
  12. The only thing that comes to mind is "lolumad?!"
    Keep it, it's gorgeous!
  13. It sounds to me like you do really love THIS bag! With that said, I think you should keep it...if you love the leather and have tried RH in the past with no luck, I think you may regret letting this one go!
  14. I agree with the consensus! I think the GSH looks amazing and since you really love it I'd definitely say keep it! The color difference alone will be enough variety truly. If you had a black RH city and weren't as in love with it as you are this there's no sense in trading it in for another. Good luck with your decision!
  15. I think there is nothing like black w/ GGH.. so I personally would prefer that combo but I am not a fan of the big silver hw.

    I also like RH and think it is timeless and classic.