Black GGH Work on bluefly right now!!

  1. Anyone looking for one?It's in my cart right now!! I will let it go if anyone's interested!!:yahoo:
  2. Tempting Chinkee...:sweatdrop:

    Hope fellow TPFer will get it..
  3. Aki :lol: I just purchased a City from there last night, then today I read the 'place for fakes' link, ayiah!! I am hoping that was only a one time thing back in 2006!!:sweatdrop: I just received a mini compangnon and it was legit...x your fingers for me please!!:flowers:
  4. Hi Chinkee21, I have ordered from Bluefly for myself and for gifts. Bags I have bought from BF include: Bal, Gucci, D&G, Fendi, Kate Spade. They were all authentic and came with dust bags and tags/cards. You shouldn't have any trouble. Also (if you leave the BF tag on) you can return within 90 days. No return hassels. Please post photos when you get your new city!
  5. ^ Thanks chi, I have also purchased from them in the past, that's why I was surprised to read that thread from 2006...I'll post photos when I receive it for sure!:graucho:
  6. I just got an Indigo Money wallet for a great price on Bluefly!! The site's checkout seems to be having an issue so I did the transaction on Live Chat and it was super easy.
  7. Hi Chinkee, how much u selling for the GGH work? let says.. in US$?
  8. ^:confused1: I'm not selling, it was on Bluefly few days ago :smile:
  9. Well, I received my Bbag from Bluefly today, it is authentic alright, except, it's the wrong style! They totally mislabeled it!! I was under the notion that I am purchasing a City, but instead, it was a First!! Now I am undecided if it's going back or not...:sad:
  10. Oh! Chinkee21, I'm so sorry.
  11. do you still have the black GGH work in your bluefly shopping cart? i'm interested in purchasing it.
  12. um, i think she had it in her cart 10 days ago - ??? probably its gone by now!
  13. :lol: LOL
    You have been busy indeed "R"

    Yeah, I remember stories how Bluefly used to stock FAKE chloe :sweatdrop:

    However never heard about fake Bbags from them though..Oh yeah! I am hoping this purchase of yours will be the most gorgeous one available :nuts:

    But now I am reading that they sent you an incorrect bag! *this kinda thing happened few times though..:confused1: Why is Bluefly so hopeless?

    What year is it though "R"?

    What's the leather like?

    I think if you like it, you should keep it cos Black is classic and not to mention about the price increase that is happening soon..:sad:
  14. Oh oh...I ordered the truffle work bag Thursday-it's supposed to be delivered Wednesday. Of course, after I ordered I read all the threads on fakes and now I am worried. They do have a good return policy,though. I just hope I don't have to take advantage of it!!
  15. Hey ellek! I think they fake handbags was a one time thing before, maybe they had a supplier that turned on them?I dunno, anyway, I have been ordering from them for a while now, always good service, just this one time they missent me a Bbag..oh well! I'm sure yours will be authentic, we're just not sure you'll be getting a WORK size, cuz that is how they messed up my order!:p Good Luck!