Black GGH Weekender....need Help!

  1. Hi everyone,

    Am new to balenciaga....i mean i know it and really like them but have never considered getting one.....

    but i absolutely adore the giant gold hardware and really want to get a black weekender or work......i love big bags....

    ....just wandering how realistic it is to find one.....are they limited, will i need to order one, or is it just a matter of going in the shop and getting one???

    please help me as i can't wait to get one!!!

  2. I believe you can just pop into a retailer for them and pick one up if they have it in stock. Or you can leave them your information and they will call you as soon as they get one in. Hope that helps!
  3. Black is on every season so they are pretty easy to find you can check the shoppingsubforum to find adresses of authorised retailers in the UK if not available there you can always order from Bal Paris, hope this helps
  4. Can you order from Bal Paris if you live in the states? Thanks in advance!!!
  5. If you live in the states you can also order from Bal New York.