Black GGH Part Time...yay or nay?

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Should I get a Black GGH Part Time?

  1. Yes

  2. No

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have been offered a GGH Part Time in Black, and although I love the colour combo, I prefer the GSH with black as it gives it a more rock chick look. What do you ladies think? I dont yet have a Part Time (see my collection list in my signature) so it may be a nice addition? Thank you!
  2. I personally don't think the GSH black combo is rock chick but that's just me ;)
    I also prefer RGGH but if you are really looking for a GSH black PT then wait for that. Don't settle.
  3. ita!!
  4. agree, don't settle. you'll only be disappointed...
  5. But when I see a pic like this, Mintee's Part Time, it makes me really want it....what a stunner

  6. I love black with ggh, I think it's a rocker chic too. Depend on how you dress of course.
  7. I prefer Black Part time with Silver and Black City with Gold.
  8. YAY!!! i totally dig the rock chick look for many years now and don't think that gold isn't rock'n'roll!
  9. I love both GSH, and GGH but you have to go with your heart and you can't settle! I hope to get a black rggh pt someday
  10. I love my GGH black '07 Part Time and I wear it rock and roll all the time. I also have a black GSH Pom Pom for when I want silver. I say get both.
  11. I'm assuming you like the Black GGH combo since you already own it in the clutch, PLUS you've mentioned a GGH you like the look of in the picture, so I vote for you to go for the GGH Part Time and if it doesn't grow on you, you can always sell it and get the SGH.
  12. I adore the GGH with Black combo. However, I do agree with the others who advise you to only get something you love: no point getting something that feels like a stop-gap every time you wear it - if you even wear it at all, since it is not your first great love:smile:

    Case in point: I bought a gorgeous Sang Part-time in January this year. However, what I REALLY wanted was a City in a bright, intense red. I did not carry that Part-Time a single time. And then - much later, a Rouge Vif RH City turned up on Real Deal Collection. I bought the City from RDC, but still hung onto the Part-Time, thinking it would grow on me... and never used it. And now, 9 months later, I've finally sold the Part Time - still gorgeous, but completely un-worn, and of course, for considerably less than when I first purchased it.

    If you don't mind losing a bit of money on the buy-and-try purchases that you end up re-selling, then I think it is fine to purchase something and see if you like it... and if you don't, then re-sell it at a slight to major loss (depending on how long you've had it for, ho much you've used it, and what the demand for it is).

    For me, however, I've done the same thing three times - buy-and-try. I've ended up re-selling and losing a fair bit of money I could have otherwise put towards three BBags that I love 100% first-off. So now, I only buy bags that I love, or wait for something else:flowers:
  13. I think you cant go wrong with either! Black is gorgeous with GGH & GSH.
    Good luck with your decision.
  14. i think if you know what you want, dont settle. black with SGH is stunning.
  15. ITA with you Laetitya, black with gsh is very rock! I notice that in your collection there are many gsh... is this because you feel better with silver? In this case, go for a black sgh! Black+gold is really classy, but more binding than black+silver. Pt is a great style, nothing to say.

    BTW ITA with Penjaxn, if you feel it could grow on you, purchase it. If it will doesn't grow, you can sell it.