Black GGH City/Brief/Work

  1. Has anyone seen one of these around? I've finally concluded that this, along with a Marc Jacobs Sweet PUnk Debbie are my Holy Grail bags...and am not selling some of my collection to try to fund would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. check Neiman Marcus in sf...
    they had alot of black GH bags when i was there yesterday...
  3. thanks!
  4. ^^^ Also Barneys in NY has a TON of black GGH works. Possibly city's too and I definitely saw a brief.

    I was there last week and they had at least 10 black works alone.

  5. Thanks! By any chance do you know if they were 07 or 08 bags?
  6. ^^ I picked from ones which were 07's.

    not sure if they had 08's in the mix.