Black Gauffre E/W Satchel - HELP!

  1. Girls,
    I have an opportunity to purchase this Black leather Gauffre Satchel from my friend --- I know it's 100% Authentic.
    She has carried it a couple of times, it's basically perfect. She purchased at NM about 6 months ago, I was with her! She paid $2450 and is offering it at a $700 discount.
    Question -- is this an older version with the Silver Hardware and Triangle Logo plate? Do all the new Gauffre bags have the gold letters & no triangle logo plate? I love the size!
    Opinions PLEASE!
  2. :yahoo::yahoo:Two words: Get it!!!! I love this bag...what a deal....The new one has gold h/w....but this one is TDF as well!!! let us know what you decide!!!:tup:
  3. Hmm... I agree with Emmy -- I have the one with gold but I wouldn't kick this one outta bed!

    Yeah, let us know! Good luck!
  4. Hi!

    I'd buy it. I *just* bought this bag this past weekend... a little steeper of a discount - and I LOVE it! It's gorgeous.

    This is the Fall 2006 gauffre in black .. and for my purposes I like it better than the new gold "logo" gauffres... I love the silver hardware on this one, and I think it's a gorgeous design.

    If you love this bag, buy it! There won't be any more!! ;)

    PS.. the strap on this one is the thicker strap and on the new black "deerskin" gauffre for Fall 2007 the strap is THICK too. I think the only bags w/the thin strap are the Spring '07 gauffres.
  5. Forgot to mention...

    About the triangle logo plate.. this was on the 2006 Gauffres - and on the spring 2007 Gauffres and 1 Fall 2007 Gauffre I saw - they are now putting the Gold PRADA logo on the bag w/o the triangle plate.

    Also seems like they used silver hardware for the black 06 and are using gold shiny hardware for spring 07 and dull antique looking gold for Fall 07 bags.

    Hope this helps!!
  6. go for it......Thats a fab bag!Ditto what they say..thats an older style and one of the best!
  7. Go for it, I have this exact bag and love it.
  8. Grab it, I have always preferred the thick strap (06) to the thin ones (07), also the silver hardware, imo, goes better with black than the new gold one. Of course, you must look at the condition because I personally don't like a seasoned leather bag but if it's your cup of soy latte, then by all means, get it! It's a good price, and i think that offset everything. :tup:
  9. Thanks everyone!
    It's an overwhelming YES!
    I called my friend and told her, now the MAJOR purse ban kicks in! LOL.
    It's so nice to be part of the gauffre group!
  10. Congratulations Pursesuader!

    Can't wait to see your modeling pix!! ;)
  11. congrats! i'm glad you got it, it's sooo gorgeous!
  12. I have this exact bag as well. Love it. I am sure you will as well. Congrats.