Black Friday scores?!

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  1. That’s cute! Hopefully another one will pop up again!
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  3. @muchstuff, while browsing on Fashionphile's site, I found another wallet that I've loved very much, which led me down the garden path and ... I have just what I was looking for. I'll do a reveal when she comes, but no need to look any further. :sunshine:
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  4. Excellent, congrats!
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  5. This lovely got listed today online at Nordstrom on sale. The chain tote is a beautiful bag. This color is called Dahlia. Dahlia.jpeg I didn't see this one on their website earlier, as I recall, so I wonder if some BV sale inventory is now moving to Nordstrom.
  6. This was love at first sight. Saw this when I was checking ‘leftover’ of the Black Friday weekend sales. I love the style - it feels very Asian given it looks like a Chinese takeaway box and in this metallic shade it looks so elegant. I think I can also use strap from other bags to make it crossbody. And it feels right for the holiday season!

    I must admit that it was 50% off and I felt that it was such a good deal for a small party bag - otherwise I would not buy because I care about ‘cost per wear’!

    Introducing my first mini, ‘party’ BV bag... the small antique gold Osaka bag...
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  7. So pretty!
  8. Very apt for the holidays with its metallic leather and size. Congrats on snagging!
  9. This is the one I think looks like an owl. If the gold rivets were aligned it’d have perfect eyes.

    I thought the denim color was beautiful. I had my heart set on Black but his blue is fantastic. I only let the bag go because I liked the sizing of the larger better. I got a Nero large one but if BV has had it in denim, I’d have gotten that.
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  10. Thank You friends!

    I used her today for a wedding anniversary dinner of a good friend... it is a great party bag as it fits quite a lot!
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  11. She’s beautiful.
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  12. Very nice! Looking forward to hearing your feedback on how it works IRL.....
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  13. Your pictures helped me a lot when I was pondering over this color. Thank you for that. My SA tried to describe it as best as she could and took pictures but knowing how cervo is, it will always look different in pictures somehow. My only hope is that cervo will remain in future. It's just such a carefree leather to own.
  14. Great to hear! I imagine it being metallic, will go well with a lot of outfits.
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