black friday purchase.


goddess ^_^
Mar 3, 2007
Honolulu, HI
After Thanksgiving dinner my bf and I came home and he said if I want to go to the outlet we'll leave at 9 pm. I told him there was going to be such a long line at Coach... of course he doesn't know any better and says "there won't be more than 10 people in line." *lol* So we leave at 9, get there around 9:20 and lo-and-behold the line wraps halfway around the entire outlet building. My bf was in shock. Haha. We waste some time watching a DVD in line... once the line started moving a bit people actually had the nerve to try to cut in line during the commotion of it!! At this point it was getting really crowded and the bf had to wait in the car because he was going to knock someone out. I spoke up for me and the people behind me when this group of people cut right in front of me as the line moved, and the Japanese older family spoke up for all of us when this group of Japanese girls cut in front of me. Anyway, by the time I got INTO Coach it was 1:30 am. I browsed the store a couple of times but nothing really caught my eye and the discount was only 10% more than the normal 20% they have every single day. The only real "great" deal were the signature soft demi pouches for $88 then 20% and another additional 10% off.

So here's what I wound up getting... Two lozenge umbrellas: Hawaii retail $78 but got them for about $22 each. Two wristlets: Hawaii retail $58 but got them for about $34. Two signature soft demi's: Hawaii retail $188 but got them for about $64.

The umbrellas are mine, one for my work bag and one extra for the house (since I already keep one Coach umbrella in the car). The signature black wristlet and demi is for one of my best friends, along with the M charm (not pictured) and the signature khaki/mahogany wristlet and demi is for my other best friend, along with the A charm (not pictured) - both Christmas presents.

Now it's 4:34 am and it's time to SLEEP!! :Push:



Aug 22, 2007
You're such a good friend :smile: Love those umbrellas. I am going to hit the outlets tomorrow so hopefully there will be some goodies left.


L&#9829ve those Cs!
Aug 26, 2006
maya_exquisite, congrats on your purchases!

You were brave to face that crowd and how sweet of you to think of your best friends!

Oh, and that BF of yours.. he's a keeper! :P
I also have the Signature Soft denim in black and brown. I love those bags.

You must have a lot of patience for going to the mall at that time. Nothing angers me more than people skipping a line. I can bite my tongue for some things but NOT for skippers. I have no shame and I'll call them out on it. How can people just skip a line? If I'm waiting in a line FOREVER I don't want someone to just cut in. My time is valuable too. :cursing: